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Tera Online : Decensored Elin

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When (North America) Tera Online was released on May 2012, Elin and other female characters were censored.


  1. Is this how censorship works nowadaws – replacing one panties with another?

  2. Elin's are not human nor little girls. I feel like this is a pretty big point people are just glazing over. You aren't going to see a child with Cat ears, a tail, a head as big as their torso or thighs like that. Honestly the only thing on par is the flat chest and some girls even as adults can never fill out a bra.

  3. When i look at them censored i see a cute chibi girl with animal ears and tails when i look at the normal ones I see a cute chibi girl with animal ears and tails… the only people sexualizing them are the people who feel they need to be censored…

  4. You know reepers have panties whether it's censored or not

  5. 2:13 LMAO did it really just show her ass? see like i dont mind if they show a bit skin, but i dont want to play as an pornstar either.. >.<

  6. censorship was invented by narrow-minded people, who were jealous because they are not as nice as Elins =_=

  7. Anyone else notice that there isn't one outfit in the game that doesn't reveal the elin?

  8. Lalafels Pretty much the same except babies and we can put those in underwear. Which game does worse I wonder.

  9. fuck elinssssssssssssssssss

    POPO MASTER RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I prefer the censored ones tho,,, the originals look kinda nasty

  11. If I downloaded from EnMasse, is it censored or uncensored?

  12. did patch the uncensored, becouse beter.^^

  13. ngl the censored version seem much more sensible in battle like irl if ya wear panty armor out in battle your crotch is way open for attack lol

  14. Geez, it's not even that they censored when there was really no good reason to do so in the first place.. But, on top of that, they couldn't even make a decent job of it – the textures on those shorts look terrible! A real hack-job…

    Thank goodness for mods…

  15. Is this game still censored? I dont wanna play it on PS4 if its censored.

  16. I don't see TOO much of a difference and its not a big deal but. these are Koreans people over their they love the ladies so Tera's gonna have gender locked new classes. even if animation for the males is prob hair pulling to make one a ninja or a brawler.

  17. decides to give tera a try hmmm makes an Elin I wonder if Weeb is a valid name?

  18. well this time I don't really mind the censorship because I just want to play a cute Elin and not a oversexualized child, would make also look bad if somone sees me playing

  19. Idk why people are so pissy about the censored versions, but I do agree that they did a shitty job. Like if you're gonna censor elins at least give them longer pants/skirts lmao

  20. This is so wrong. A decent woman wears a burka.

  21. Yes they look like they are sexualized kids but what about say sexualized gnomes from dungeons and dragons that people make art of and get a lot of applaud for I don't exactly see a problem with this since they are a race in a game said race is immortal and can be any age so I don't see the problem with them since people already do like other races from other games such as dwarves gnomes and even haflings so I'd say just put it aside and live with the fact that they are a race made in a fictional world

  22. Thank you for doing this. Im so done with small minded asswipes censorship of MIDGET races of all things. Non-real midget playable races like the elin.

  23. Shai censor in BDO is way worse than that. You can't even see her knee.

  24. Omg that censure is just stupid useless unneeded 😑

  25. Japan: Makes MMORPG with Loli race that are LEGALLY adults but just look that way because their god wanted it


    Also America, makes movies with violent graphic nude/sex scenes in movies, horrific movies with gore, blood, guts and over the top violence, kid's still see ALL of it no matter what because movie theaters don't give a shit because it brings them lots of money. AND also makes video games of those same categories that children play, aka GTA, COD, Battlefield, Mortal Kombat games and so many others.


  26. I just find it hilarious how characters always do their little dance when in attack stance 🤣

  27. Como van a censurar eso, si no se nada XD que risa

  28. On steam you still have panties for every class except for classes with robes. At the end game you do get garments that are panties tho. Interesting

  29. They ended up censoring it cause of two reasons, one, A Reddit female player was complaining about seeing the ass while she played, and two, that's just not proper fighting gear, now is it?

  30. Western gaming companies: “Anime character styled game? Diffidently needs censoring of course cause… Just censor it! I don’t know why!”

    Western gaming companies:”Lol, we make games that show innocent men, women and children being massacred all the time with carpet bombing, poison gas, or a fucking tactical nuke, just look all the COD MW games from the PS3 to the latest console generation, and many others like them, we see no problem with them!”

  31. i can understand censorship but damn this one is really badly made it feels rushed like last minute made 🙁 its ugly as hell

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