Tera Online Dark Elin Reaper Level 58 Skills Preview 4k Res UHD - teraonline.be

Tera Online Dark Elin Reaper Level 58 Skills Preview 4k Res UHD

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Just going over skills 1 by 1. Learn more about the class in my preview below.

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  1. Step going beserk with the autos is soo funny LOL

  2. This looks  fun to play.

    Similar to how Slayer and Berserker are. 

    There's just something satisfying about mowing through hordes of minions instead of having to pick them off 1 by 1.

  3. I can't wait to see what this class looks like with a shit ton of attack speed gear…

  4. I think he lives in Korea.
    By the way, what are your pc's specs? 🙂

  5. Those sound effects O.O so dark and so epic!! i want reaper now!!! Dx

  6. Can't wait till the reaper comes to TERA Europe, the skills of the reaper are awesome!!! I just ♥ it

  7. i bet you'd like my Hitler Tera Rant video

  8. its a slow caster,as i seen in some videos,skill animations last too long and if you spam them you will not see how cool are the moves of them

  9. I have some questions,
    1) Does it branch from another class or does it actually start at 50?
    2) Are those all the skills it gets? Because it seems like once you waste those your target could easily take you. Most of them are pretty slow too…and so is the auto attack pattern.
    3) When is it released because despite the answers to the previous questions I still plan on playing that class?@.@

  10. how can this assholes make a class for elin only? that's insane

  11. Wow, this is utterly disappointing. I've been waiting for a class like this, and for it to be relegated to jailbait Elins… well, I'm sure all the little girlies are happy. This is why I don't play Asian developed games. They always end up catering to the pedophiliac elements and characters. Maybe the class will eventually come to other races. I'll be waiting offline until then.

  12. Why would I want to see a world full of elins flashing around like no tomorrow, how the hell Im I meant to see with that shit? EH

  13. I still don't understand the logic behind "Elin are the most popular race, so let's make them even more popular". That just doesn't make any sense at all. If anything this discourages players who don't like playing Elins from wanting to try out this new class. Obviously they still will since it looks badass, but it would be so much more appealing if more races had access to it.

  14. a new class is a new class. i would still make it regardless of race

  15. prepare yourself for the inevitable elin wave….. good God….loli's will be everywhere

  16. I'm level 60 with my Elin time to kick ass and chew bubble gum

  17. a ranger warrior?! … is this a better dps than sorc?

  18. I do not consider this a "preview" of anything but the skill animation…  if you care to make a real preview next time  talk or at least use text to describe the skills.

  19. the elin reaper class are the shit. they are mixed with ranged abilities and AoE's they make gaps between them and their opponent quickly. 

  20. wel elin reper clace is bets in pvp elin greth  the aloth of wepensh and armor and aloth custumush smotk

  21. I want to play a lvl1 reaper I actually enjoy the lvling part, bummer that you start at lvl50 and lvl up to 58 within a few mins.

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