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Tera Online Dark Elin Reaper Level 55 Gameplay 4k UHD

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The first BAM you will encounter in the tutorial area. Your character will start at level 50 and by the time you finish the tutorial missions, your character will be level 58! One of the things that I noticed with this class is that if you were to cancel the skill animation early, the skill does not land. For example, when I was using the “4” skill in this video.

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  1. when it will be available in Europe servers ?????????????

  2. So, how does TERA compares to Blade and Soul nowadays, since both titles had plenty of time of post release development?

  3. 4k 영상이 끊기다니…. 외국인 이신건가..

  4. 마영전 벨라 듀얼블레이드네ㅡㅡ

  5. this one seems cuter than the other elins to me for some reason 😛

  6. The first advancement in the game since the queen was released?
    Jesus christ this game is in a sad state.

  7. What kind of guy wants to play on a weird little girl?

  8. Which Game do you like better: "Tera" or "Blade and Soul "? And why?

  9. this is a complte rip off from the game Vindictus. Chain Blade Vella. Youtube "vindictus chain blade vella"

  10. Sad that is only elin 🙁 i want high elf!!!!

  11. Did you just block or somthing in some point in video??? O.o

  12. Did you just block or somthing in some point in video??? O.o

  13. God of War.. with Kratos as a little Girl.. this is so wrong 😀

  14. Are you fucking kidding me? There is a new class and i cant play this game cause of that fucking patch failures!!! Pls have someone a solution for my problem? I get every time a patch fail!

  15. That class looks way too OP, anyway, I assume you live in Korea since its not in EU yet.

  16. it would be amazing if you'd get back hits from sickles that reach all the way around the bam, you know what i mean? would probably never happen, but a girl can dream, cant she?


  18. I was excited to play this class…then I logged in and say level 40 character required lol. I got bored of tera at 32 on my Lancer and 27 on my Archer. I did not feel like playing them anymore then, and it really annoys me that I would be forced to level either one of them in order to play this new class. That is kind of ridiculous, I mean, it is expected for tons of people to want to hop on as the new class…it brings people in to try it that may not have had interest in the other classes before to even bother leveling much. Now they will just log in and log back out once they see the red text lol. That or they will be motivated to go for 40, I on the other hand….pass. Awesome looking class though. Making it to 40 and then hating the class would be a huge punch to the face…they must be confident in the success of this class. If the change this in the future (probably not), I will come try again. For now…waiting on Wild Star. Wild Star is truly, truly fun.

  19. Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος says:

    i wish tera wasnt so boring after level 60 we only do lazy dungeons and silly bg  thsi sucks and for that this is all about guess for a stupid set +12 and after that which usually takes one month at least for me after that i got bored  i wish it had more levels or more skills per level and not per 2 facking levels cause we only use 5 skills max or sorc 7 or something and zerk only 3 TO FIGHT  i dont mean the power up etc also they should make  more levels = more fun more skills new gear but developer is shithead who invented this fking knockdown and silence 

  20. dang i want to be able to play on those graphics

  21. Kratos took a little girls form? xD

  22. I have a question, I have a lvl 60 character in a server (A) and created a reaper in that server (A). If i transfer my lvl 60 character to another server (B), will I still be able to make another reaper class in the other server (B) using my lvl 60 character?

  23. moves like the assassin class of dragon nest

  24. Reaper should be made for ppl who have a lvl 60 char, not lvl 40.

  25. Why do i have no attack sounds for the reaper? When i attack, there is no sound?!

  26. its already just a class copy of a other game.. look at the Game Vindictus or MabinogiHeroes(Kr) the class Vella !!

  27. Not trying to start a war here or anything, but isn't that kind of the same things as Death Knights in WoW? When you've done all the quests on a DK your character will be lvl 58 as well lol.

  28. enmasse is for noobz play the real tera enmasse is easy lol

  29. I don't mind elins, but I REALLY wanted to make a dark castanic reaper.

  30. How did u get to run game at 4k when it dont have 4k detail pack ?

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