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Tera Online Dark Elin Reaper Character Customization 4k UHD

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Quick Customization. Looks like two new hair/ears and four custom faces for each one. I didn’t go over the old Elin presets and faces. Nice outfits, I am going to try it out for fun. Gameplay videos soon! The new class is Elin only!

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  1. I think…i'm in love with this class….I havent played Tera in a while, but i remember my first Race being Elin, i never knew they were the most famous Race lol… dont hate on the Kawaiiness people XD but yea, i cant wait for this to come to NA now, gonna delete my Humannn.

  2. Are the new customizations avible for the other classes too?

  3. I'm excited for these guys, I just wish they weren't leather. I was really hoping for metal. I'm just a tad disappointed that they didn't take the opportunity to have 3 metal classes, 3 leather classes, and 3 cloth classes. I'm a tad OCD, lol.

    Question, though. Will "Dark Elins" be a completely new race or will you be able to choose "Reaper" on the Class selection screen for Elins?


  5. Any idea or news about it release date on NA??

  6. why isnt this character options avaible in Eu Tera ?

    i want this too ….

  7. in order to play this class do you first have to have a level 60 elin? or can it be lvl 60 any race, or do you have to have a lvl 60 char at all, im just not sure.

  8. popo neeed a new class it will be …………. something with a mace and healing magic and a new animal subrace in char costomization like a option to make ur whole body one colour

  9. So much win in this. I love that they've finally added in a bat elin. This flows very very nicely, although I do wish it didn't have to be race specific. That's gonna knock out quite a few players.

    But who doesn't love this? 😀

  10. Can you party up with other reapers or do you have to do it solo from 50-58?

  11. That new face preset with different colored eyes is too gorgeous o^o

  12. What animal is the one with the drill pig tails?

  13. my god, face 11 is fucking gorgeous they made the dark Elin look more adult like now HELL YEAH 😀

  14. Why only 2 new hairstyles and 2 new faces? it's even a complete new style…

  15. I wish they didn't censor all clothing over in the western part, I think they should of censor the overly exposing ones, I've seen some of the elins clothing uncensored and it's not really exposing, all it shows is a belly button.

  16. :/ I wish the Popori weren't fat animals. I want them to be like male counter parts to Elin something like Blade & Soul's Lyn Race where it can be female or male. I dislike having to play as a female for this class. 

  17. For All Those That Don't Know, I Believe Enmasse Is Sending Out a Free Untradable Character Slot Code. So You Want Have To Delete Any Alts.

  18. Can you also edit the name of the Level 40+ character in the char customization screen?

  19. can i have something other than a goddamn elin based character ….

  20. I would be playing if my launcher didn't reset…..boohoo ;n;

  21. I don't like how you customize it drove me crazy. xD

  22. hello,How can get Dark Elin Reaper Charather i want too D:,but im playing Eu Tera .
    You can help me plz? :c

  23. Are they going to make a race specific class for every race? 

  24. Pisses me off this is a Erin only class should be able to play it with any of the races ."

  25. Tera meets God of War?
    just downloading the patch in europe.

    btw. Elin 4tw 😉

  26. I like the red eyes better but those eyes are cool

  27. I knew, the first time i saw these little manga/anime girls, that Tera wouldnt be anything for me. Just too emo weird.

  28. El video esta bueno pero lo malo es que se la pasa poniendo cada cara joder.

  29. FUCK THIS GAME! DAMNIT! FINALLY a game with a badass reaper class, but why the hell does it have to force me to play a FUCKING LOLI to play this class?! THIS IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD WORK! REAPERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING SCARY SKELETON MONSTERS OR AT LEAST DEMONS OR SOMETHING! GOD DAMNIT!

  30. I have a question, I have a lvl 60 character in a server (A) and created a reaper in that server (A). If i transfer my lvl 60 character to another server (B), will I still be able to make another reaper class in the other server (B) using my lvl 60 character?

  31. so its the reaper class available for all races or just ellin?

  32. so can u make a reaper on any server if u have char over 50 or 40

  33. Can i make a male Reaper? or it's only girl's class?

  34. i love elin reaper, i have one myself, awesome fight animations!! 😀

  35. Tera got one of the worst char creation………

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