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Tera Online Dark Awakening Mission Sky Garden Instance Full 1080p

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Guild MVP helping me out in a dungeon, speed run~


  1. @nicoofthesand Yes those are fine. However you will need a good graphics card. (ideally a nvidia or radeon) An inbuilt or default graphics card will probably not do the job (e.g. things such as intel graphics cards will probably not be good enough to run the game) So make sure you have a good graphics card.

  2. this game is so beautiful ^^ this would be the perfect world

  3. Are you being the main tank or the off-tank? (assuming theres 1 in Tera)

  4. @Akamublade It is. But if you do not like bosses or quest that requires you to repeat your play style for faster completion, then its not gonna be fun to you.

  5. nvm my last comment i can finaly watch vids in 1080p again

  6. @steparutv that slayer looks pretty strong, are they a good class? Anything like pros and cons u can tell me about them?

  7. Is there any chance european players could try the korean version out? I don't mind even paying…

  8. I am not so clear about if this game is already released in western and waits to released in Europe. If someone knows any information about the release dates on Europe or US… Please tell me. I appriciate any information.

    (Yes I read forums, but I have dropped out by few months now)

  9. I think the only reason why I would play this game would be to look at the scenery, it looks so beautiful @_@

  10. @eylos09 Yes. This information is exact from what I have read.
    I started to read forums again since my last post in here, and now I am in track of release dates.
    But I appriciate your help.

  11. @Sunbreaker7 It will be released on Spring 2012 in Europe.

  12. Why does a Lancer / Tank have less Health than all the other classes?

  13. @clutchballa808 No there is no "missing"… Only certain abilities from specific classes can dodge/parry/block.
    If you are aligned with your shot, it will 100% of the time land.

  14. so this and B&S are scheduled for spring of 2012? shit… which do i choose..?

  15. @BlissfulPride im not sure having not played but it looks like with the tanks in this game if you block correctly you block 100% of the dmg this isnt wow where you have a chance to block or a chance to hit you controll everything like a fighting game on PS3 god of war and such.

  16. cant wait for tera to be release…. dammit!!!

  17. @thanatos313games BnS will not be released any time soon, so choose TERA

  18. at first i thought this was final fantasy, it looks soooo good

  19. @pigeonpsycho anddddd exactly why am i an idiot?

  20. Thanks for posting that. I can't wait til may 3rd when it is released in europe. closed beta now has a levelcap 🙁 but is still great as hell =)

  21. @harrisan2 "Tera is considered to be a huge letdown in Korea" Could you please tell me why this game is considered a let down in korea? Thank you!

  22. @djinny11 Don't worry it's not considered a huge let down. It's actually doing very well compared to other games in Korea.It's actually very competitive when it comes to netcafe hours compared to other games that are doing great over there like Aion and Lineage 2. harrisan2 is just another TERA hater.

  23. @whatwayzup Seems like everyone likes to play as under-dressed, under-aged little girls. Not sure what to think about that. Yes i realize they are actually spirits.

  24. When I saw this I just went straight to the my closest GameStop and preordered the European version! 😀

  25. Is there loot in this game or??? (meaning gear that drops of bosses) or purchased?

  26. The graphics are stunning Q_Q…..brings tears to my eyes

  27. I probably wont play this game, as im afraid ill get charged for watching child pr0n 😛

  28. Yes there will be loot in this game, just like your typical MMO in that regard however very different in a good way in others.

  29. Anyone else LOVE the sound the Elins make when they fall. "OOOH!" It's like theyre surprised or found something interesting.

  30. it doesn't have nothing more, i'm playing the free trial, and this is so boring

  31. Yeh I know aside from the Graphics, and the battle system this is one bare bones mmo.

  32. Loot in this acts like this, people who can use items can roll need on them and then they compete with the two other people in the group, if he's the only player that needs the item, jobs a good one, as for loot that can't be destributed it it automatically group rolled.

    As for GulltyFaT's comment, thats all fair dues and dandy, but can you name another mmo that even has features in this game that arn't unique to other mmo's?

  33. Is this game settings or did u do some tweakin for graphics?

  34. Cuz of this vid, and tis graphics, imma give tera a try

  35. i played it and since its free to play now its ok to play but before it was not worth it.
    PVP sucks, the crafting is terrible and the story if bare bones bland.

  36. That dragon boss thing near the end reminds me of the Diablos from Monster Hunter Tri.

  37. hahaha u saw castanic females? xD so STFU the elins are one of the most dressed races of Tera

  38. How to you get the Korea Tera game at Korea. Is it Possible to get it in the U.S.A

  39. This game is awesome im just started im a Aman male lancer and everyone should play this game

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