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Tera Online Crafting/Profession Guide with Commentary

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Tera Online Crafting Profession Guide/Tutorial with Commentary

In this video I explain in detail, with commentary, all aspects of the crafting system in Tera Online. I go in depth to explain the 6 professions, what you can make and how to craft items.
The crafting/profession system in Tera Online has the following professions Alchemy, Tailoring, Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing, Focus Crafting and Leatherworking.

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  1. im stuck with the same shit, want to increase it as well ><

  2. Where do you get the pattern from? This is what I am having troubles with. I go to the Weapons Designs and nothing is light up for me.

  3. just got the game and decided to search for a guide and just like kingenidjingeln said… your commentary is BAWS!!! thanks, bro!

  4. Thanks 4ur vid 🙂 but in matters of crafting…im stuck in one thing: when i talk to material vendors, the only thing they sell me is for ex: "apprentice weapon skill"…wtf??i want some materials not that!! :/

  5. this is my first time watching ur videos, very nice layout it looks proffesional and i admire it gr8 job!

  6. Thanks Very much Alex, I'm glad you enjoyed it 😀

  7. luv ur vicious commentary. tanx for the help.

  8. Thank you very much! Cheers for the support!

  9. Cheers Ivan! Glad you like it! Thanks for the support!

  10. Bare moneys! Nice vid, been looking for a F2P MMO to play while I got some spare time and after alot of watching and reading i am going for Tera.

  11. Haha cheers NowLiveWithVlad! Thanks for the support!

  12. This video is great! it's very helpful, thanks for posting it!

  13. How the heck did u removed HUD? Or did u just use a program to zoom in where HUD isn't visible?

  14. Thanx for your guide mate,old time wow player just getting in to tera,this vids come in handy ^^ subbed!

  15. just so people know this is a very bad way to get leveling gear and make money. crafting is good for scrolls, potions, and endgame pvp gear and visionmaker (best gear in game) once you are sixty you can max out all crafting from 0 to max in a day

  16. holy shit, back then when this game was pay 2 play, the shit drops like the runes, you get today use to sell for fucking 6k?!?!? IT ONLY SELLS FOR 1 SILVER TODAY

  17. Mate ,i dont really speak and undeerstand eng lang so well…..one thing i dod not unerstand…i see in this vid a material called "Lighnite"…..how did you ghet it?
    and from what or where?

  18. you need to change the font you are using other wise great video mate

  19. awesome vid really helpful im new with the game so thnx subbed

  20. on your other video- where do you go to get the scrolls for the extraction thing? orz

  21. Do you increase the weapon smithing level or any crafting with the item that you wish to make? I.E. I make the bars to make the item. IF I make the item, do I level up quicker in that craft?

  22. I love these tutorials you made! Helped me out a LOT!

  23. Thanks for taking the time to spell out this stuff for us newbies. You earned yourself a sub, my friend!

  24. Can you please make an updated guide for the new crafting system? Just when I think I get it, bluehole changes how it works .

  25. 6:25 u said ur crafted axe is not enchantable but later on it will become enchentable can u explain it ?

  26. Solid guide. New to the game and I have all these mats. Now I know!

  27. which professions should i take for mystic?

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    Whenever he says:
    Actually: Drink from your beer
    Fucking: Take a shot
    Basically: Take 2 shots
    Shit: Empty your beer

    Congratulations. You're now drunk as fuck in just 7 min! 😀

  29. thanks for your effort to put the video . you explained it very well.

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