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TERA Online [ Corrupted Skynest ] Archer POV 15,7M/s

Evil Boi
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99k PA right now.


  1. How the hell is your attack speed so fast. Are you using full a.speed etchings?

  2. i've tried a couple skynest runs but its so annoying that there are no guides around (at least I havent found one, but I couldfigure out those in out things). When he spawns those 2 mobs, it says you need to kill the one with kelsaik's element, but what does it mean by that? the room's element? or something else?. Also, what do I need to do when the 2nd gauge appears? I really dont understand that one. One final question, besides the tail attack, what other one sends you flying out of the arena? I've lost attempts due to that cuz I end up dead and unable to be ress.

  3. can you give back a link to the discord please, thanks in advance

  4. Hey, what is your crit for that dung cuz the bosses are lvl 73. Thx and ty for video :3

  5. Hi there, would it be possible to contact you (preferably on discord) and ask a few questions about archer things? I promise, it won't take long ^^

  6. How tfff are you doing 15m, I'm poor here doing 9m 🙁

  7. Ok i came for video but i stayed for music! Can you name songs plz?

  8. i'm happy for any new content, but this company is so lazy. They gave two new dungeons, both dungeons are just one area with a single boss…

  9. Hi evil your damage is insane , ive tried to follow up your skill rotations yet i feel im doing low damge im with +10 kaia and i do about 7m in csnm which is low , wonder if you got any advice for me , like how to use rotations right and etc

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