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Tera Online combat system overview

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Quick clip showing the combat system and how it works + my thoughts

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  1. 1:48 Ron Paul 2012! =)
    But this game seems neat. I like the targeting system.

  2. @TDKPyrostasis I'd like to see how archery works in this game, since there is no auto lock. Do the arrows curve as they fly?

    Melee: Sword and board would be interesting to see. If you find the blocking isn't interesting in the game feel free to showcase a mighty two-hander.

  3. Completely off topic, look up dragons dogma looks amazing!

  4. Its a new game coming out may 22 for 360 and such

  5. @Kuvter Ill see if I can get an archer toon started. May not level him much but I can show you the basics of how it works.

  6. @stukeybear I've already preordered it… but Im a bit of a "oooh shiney must have" kind of guy.

    The game is standard quest driven grind, with an open world pvp system that currently has no penalty. The combat is the main selling point. If you like the combat you'll like the game.

    I'll try and get some more videos up over the next two months prior to release to help you decide.

  7. @Drabbite Game definitely looks good. Ill most likely end up snagging it once it releases.

  8. Do you think it will go F2P in 1 or 2 years, just like AION, DC universe and many more….? :]

  9. the no 1 reason of why ppl play this game is that character that u r playing with

  10. can someone explain me how is this unique, new and awesome? Vindictus has combat style better than this… and is free to play o.o tera looks so cheap I woulnd't ever pay for it

  11. No other MMO with a projectile based system? lol seriously? Vindictus, C9, Dragon's Nest, RaiderZ…etc.

  12. Not to be argumentative but none of those are AAA games. Most of those are F2P korean ports.

  13. I never played Vindictus, C9, Dragon's Nest… But you CAN'T compare RaiderZ BUGGY combat system with TERA's combat system.
    Also gameplay in RaiderZ is pretty basic and linear. All you do is quest, you complete a quest in a region, go into a dungeon, kill the boss a few times for the special drops, craft your gear. THAT'S IT, over and over again.

  14. I'd argue Firefall is an MMO with plenty of projectiles in it, and I've been in the beta for 9 months now. Plasma cannons, needle guns, grenade launchers, etc. Though, this is a video from before the Firefall servers were even 24/7, and it's still a closed beta. So, whatever.

    Just thought I'd put a word in!

  15. Do I see playboy bunnies? Sold me there, I'm playing this.

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