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Tera Online Closed Beta Character Customization

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Korean Closed Beta Mid July~


  1. does anyone know where the hell the download location is i cant find it!

  2. @Bonziibomb you can customize the face, hair and skin color of the character it has sliders like aion not that many but it got a nice amount but you cant customize the size or the character's proportions

  3. Characters look fukin ace,sick of fucking dwarfs and elfs!fucking wow and rift can fuck off…..give the old republic,guildwars 2 and this!!!anyone got a release date bracket for this game?I have not been following it,ty.

  4. Whenever I get this game heres how I want the set up for my team to be:
    1. Guy whos like the leader and is a rowdy baddass type.
    2. His rival who's a strong pretty boy that's kinda broody
    3. A love interest for each of them
    4. A mascot panda character
    5. An ugly strong guy thats oddly compassionate
    6. A cute loli girl that is always with the ugly guy (father daughter relationship)

    The guild will be called "Every Anime That's Ever Been Made" lol
    Seriously though I am very impressed!

  5. Can't decide which game I like better out of this and Blade and Soul. Blade and Soul is ALOT more versatile than this game in terms of platforming and gameplay, but the creator in B&S looks to be shit so far. Also though the move set in B&S is more fancy, I think I like the hit animations in TERA better. Just the fact that no matter how big the opponent is you can still knock them on their ass with a giant swing without killing them is just badass. Usually enemies just stand until they die.

    Hur Hur :O

  7. I´m really looking foward to this MMO, especially because it has an eastern developer from Korea. They have a totally different mindset to graphic design and always awesome animations with fighting game style combat mechanics. I have enough of the standard western `orcs, dwarves, elves and humans´ shit. It´s time for something fresh!

  8. this is not anything close to that shitty aion. this is all real time combat

  9. @halospartan567 the races actually look a lot cooler than many others I see in MMO's. Other than the elves, elin and castanics, the Popori, Aman, Bakara all look nothing like humans. that's 3 out of 7 playable races. I don't see what you're complaining about.

  10. @MrSeriouslynotfunny i wanna be demon & or elf chick :3

  11. is it going to be gender locked? or can i be a male/female anything?

  12. @Shadowflamel hmmm I think there are male and females for most races dude. Go back to Tera's homepage if you haven't found your answer your question eludes my mind >.<

  13. @halospartan567 That's not all of them in this video. Google 'Tera"

  14. okay….come on…..who wouldnt play as the panda? 😛

  15. Hopefully that Panda can get some sexy costumes… 0_o

  16. how good is this game really? is this better than aion? anyone here from korea who played this?

  17. if its going to be another grindfest, im just not gonna play it. tired of all these korean mmo's that have nothing to offer but graphics. if this magically doesn't require grinding as a main way to gain lvls, then it will be worth buying. if not, its off to guild wars 2, at least it looks well polished.

  18. am I the only 1 sexually attracted to the females?

  19. I wanna be a freakin' beaver!!!
    And did anyone else notice that when scrolling around the female elf girl lady, the cursor was only on the boobs xD

  20. Someone please tell me when this will come out in the USA and on what systems will they be one!?

  21. @majohnson91
    i saw the preoder date on Amazon
    This item will be released on December 31, 2011.
    hope it help =D

  22. when he was changing the races my mode kind of followed is that weird?

  23. @rayxu1996 the question is actually why dragons nest

  24. @cupovboy p2p if it isn't changed wich i think (and hope) not

  25. @SegeLast it seems a good game so its ok btw whwn comes out in north america

  26. @cupovboy yeah it looks really good tbh =) at the moment they have said q1 2012 so its pretty darn soon, expect it to be the later part of q1, usually is that way 😛

  27. Damn my hands will be too busy in my pants for me to play this game. I need a GF

  28. all the hoes in this game look good as fuck

  29. @thangQanime
    1. Male Human Warrior
    2. Male Castanic Berserker
    3. Human Female Archer/ High Elf Sorceress
    4. Popori Mystic
    5. Baraka Lancer
    6. Elin Priestess
    7. Amani Slayer
    Amani Slayer added to be the main villain until the second season where he becomes a good guy, joining the team to fight a greater cause (Argons).

  30. @Reiizm Dude your awesome. Great labeling there. You pretty much have it down. I hope your comment gets to become the top with my other one so people can read them at the same time.

  31. @thangQanime Thanks a lot! It's actually a really good concept once you think about it.

  32. @SilencedGuardian Hell no man. This game will not only require a subscription, it will also require the purchase of a retail box. All that "Tera will be FTP" bullshit was to help the hype of the game when it was just announced so it could compete with Blade and Soul (also PTP).

  33. This is one of the first games to make mages new and exciting instead of simple fireballs. I am excited about a archer class as well finally

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