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Tera Online / Classic Server Gameplay(Island of Dawn Questing)(Part 1)(12/02/2019)

Alex Mc
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Not going to make a serie out of this,just a few videos there and there and…THE NOSTALGIA IS STRONG :C

Had to interrupt the video earlier than intended as there was a surprise maintenance.

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  1. What server is this? Is this still alive?

  2. I was already sad when they replaced teleport masters with some stupid devices.

  3. Literally brings tears to my eyes. How I miss the launch days of Tera…

  4. Is there a private server working for Classic Tera right now in 2021. The new version is too huge for my PC to run it.

  5. I liked when they had Island of dawn starting , now when i start from isle , i dont like the starting

  6. i remember playing this in the beta all those years ago. when i first saw a trailer for tera it blew my mind (especially the graphics) i really thought this would be the mmo for me. back then i didnt have a great computer though. i waited until it was f2p and by then the graphics didnt seem as great to me. also, playing with such low fps was a total pain XD. i remember trying to level a mystic, but the dps rotation was literally so boring i was losing my mind whenever id have to solo grind. not to mention most of the story is told through text. i dont mind reading but it was just sooo much lool. this was when i really started to get into gaming and form my own opinions (like realizing i hate the standard tank/healer/dps trifecta lol). oh memories…. dang im old now lol

  7. is this old footage? how did u get to play here 😮

  8. Gunners and Reapers were added when the island of dawn was still a starting zone! BRAWLERS CHANGED IT ALL

  9. Wait a moment… if this is a classic server then, does that mean the warrior has been restored to his former old beloved difficulty?

  10. The best thing that the company could do is to leave 2 options of tera the old one and the current one, as Ankama did with Dofus, the players give them the possibility to play the old one and the current one …

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