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Tera Online Character Creation – Popori Elin Female by Steparu 1080p

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  1. If you look like the picture in your avatar…..yea……it suits you to play those kind of games….plank..

  2. Pran,what are you doing in Tera online? @_@

  3. Okay, I have a question… I seen a couple elin's in the game for example the fox ones with pink ears and tale? Can you change the colour of the ears somehow….? And also really like this game but I noticed you can only have certain hair styles with certain animal types you choose… Wanted to be a cat with long hair XD Thats okay though but yea can someone answer my first question though please thank you games amazing though 🙂

  4. Only the character creator is worth to play

  5. Lol i think it would be awesome to see a one of these running arund with a huuuuge sword straight into combat I my self and about to play it and make a Popori and be a freaking awesome little bear thingy

  6. The Popori count as the males (little animal thingys)

  7. Steparuuu!!! I remember the good ol' days when I watched your Aion Beta Videos! Love to you.

  8. Can't wait to make my cute little Elin. <3
    So cute! ^o^

  9. Pfft. Downloading Tera right now. :3
    But I'll be playing it tomorrow because I have to sleep. :c

  10. Mind if I point out the obvious? Lolita girl is lolita, Pedobear is ALL over this!

  11. This shit is a game?
    A game of losers !

  12. one thing that makes them do the same, they're all pro of belly dancing 0v0

  13. Your calling things shit and people losers yet you come on here and make that comment.

  14. What kind of computer do you need for this game?
    And perhaps Scarletsblade?

  15. Is there ever any girl's creating character creations instead of guys? Since they always take a long time choosing whether they want a big tall girl with big boobs, or a small girl with big thighs and no big boobs. Like come on!? Who cares about the character creation. I mean it's okay to look good. But seriously stop being perverted guys and worry about how the game plays and the story! Jeez…

  16. Some people enjoy the character creation. I love detailed character creation options, I spent like an hour creating my char in Skyrim

  17. It's better to be able to customize how your character looks, it makes you different from the crowd. Just choosing a premade look is boring.

  18. LMAO I spent like 30 minutes in the Character creation and the game kicked me out XD
    It also happens to me in other games //sobs

  19. there is nothing perverted about men liking women. shut your fucking mouth.

  20. No offense, but if governor made this to secure younger audiences from the pedos. Why not also ban the half naked swimming wear for lil kids?

  21. Okay so first of all
    1)I'm 14.
    2)How is it pedophilia? The Elins are my age.
    3)They're not real.
    Logic miss.
    My Elin is really cute. 😉

  22. Lol you dumb ass, the point is, they look like children and people are going around saying they prefer the thongs over the little shorts.. which makes you think, why the fuck do they care? They care because they're getting boners over things that look like little children.

  23. Yah, nah, Elins are thousands of years old.

    Although I must agree, they have the perfect bodies.

  24. so… who here specifically search tera elin due to persona preferences….

  25. Todos los que elejimos a las elins somos fanaticos de la lolis xd

  26. i fell like im going to get arrested at any time lol fking pedoreans 

  27. Created by the goddess Elinu to protect all living beings, the Elins live in harmony with nature. They are lively and curious – and when necessary also tenacious. Their childlike appearance is a reflection of Elinu's desire for beauty and tranquility.
    But appearances can be deceptive, and the Elins should not be underestimated. They are wise beyond their apparent years, and together with the Poporis they protect and preserve the natural world – using any means they deem necessary. Once angered, the Elins transform into skilled and merciless fighters.

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