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Tera Online Character Creation – Human Male by Steparu 1080p

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Open Beta playing around with character customization, each customization is either my ideal of the character that I would play for the race or maybe I am just trolling you. Go figure. Feel free to use and share with your friends. If you want to use all these videos please be sure to use all my links to my website and youtube accounts and give proper credit.


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Then we can both be happy 😀


  1. While it looks okay, proportions are exaggerated to *ridiculous* levels.

  2. the customization is really nice, guess who is going to make it look just like himself! this guy.

  3. @Holammer Take a look at Blade and Soul… then tell me about proportions.

  4. No body sliders? So… as a human you have to look like some roidfreak?

  5. Human male = Beard
    Castanics male = Horn
    High elf = Hair and Make up

  6. This game looks very similar to soul calibur

  7. That is one jacked dude, but I expect nothing less from a lancer, but what about the agile male physique!? D:

  8. They look like inflated human balloons!! LMAO

  9. Wow pretty good…i dont care about the body, now everyone have no choice but to look beast! instead of making non sense lookin characters…Armor is sick to.

  10. @lexannanless Cool… we does this game come out?

  11. @SillyJenny9000 It is when the body is a beefcake.

  12. WOW So many options to customize a character !!

  13. Korean/Japanese MMORPG and the males doesnt look metrossexual emos. Finally!

  14. 1:59 …Shure!, the usual asian guy transexual! … And why are their head so small?

  15. i get a feeling you havent seen the other races…

  16. Just need a decent afro and dreadlocks design.

  17. Yes, you do. They balanced it out quiet nicely, but some races have abilities that would help them more per say with a certain class.

  18. Like I believe the High Elves have a mana rejen, the Braraka have a fully restore your HP every 2 hours. Those are the ones that come to mind as of right now, I'll have to check out the others

  19. I want to be a dark skinned castanic slayer with dreads.. Is that possible?

  20. It looks like the human race's (male) head is as big as their hands…Lol

  21. why are all they guys always muscular, its a little gross

  22. …I don't think their weapons are big enough…..


  23. Couldn't agree more! this is what more MMORPGs have to pick the slack up on. I'm not just saying this because I'm black, but because players should have the ability to persona their characters as much as possible. I know that most MMO's I play are anime themed, and in the anime world, tanned is = black, but still… Besides, MMORPGs are online communities. Why not be diverse and mixed like a real community? I'm very impressed. When I become a Game Dev., I want my future MMO to be this awesome.

  24. Or… you could just make your own character.. If this is what they looks like in real life, why pester them about it? He (or SHE even) has every right to make their characters look the way they want, as do you. Besides, when you have this many options in an MMO (which I personally love) there's alot to go through. maybe the person didnt have time to go as in-depth as they wanted to in the video. Gotta think of other factors, dude.

  25. Hmm In Final Fantasy, and Guild Wars 2, the black characters look pretty black looking to me. Right now I'm working on graphic novels, but moving into game design (my first book is becoming a game). One of the things I've made sure of not doing, is making my black characters look or act "angry", like I've seen in so many animations, and in video games, or some over the top silly fools; I'm black too.

  26. are they gonna make a slider for body size like the muscles and hieght and stuff like that?

  27. The only reason this video was made was to show the world all of the features of Character Creation in Tera, not just the "beautiful" ones.

  28. Good to know that there is a male character cration in Tera xD

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