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Tera Online Character Creation – Castanic Female by Steparu 1080p

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Open Beta playing around with character customization, each customization is either my ideal of the character that I would play for the race or maybe I am just trolling you. Go figure. Feel free to use and share with your friends. If you want to use all these videos please be sure to use all my links to my website and youtube accounts and give proper credit.


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Then we can both be happy 😀


  1. @Soerup1 Yes, you are wrong. That is a really stupid thing that THOSE OTHER MMOS have defined as "the way it should be".

    Let the fun start from the beginning.

  2. @CaptainChirac you must be one of those realistic unhot 10 percenters huh?

  3. aion has a better character creation, probably the best in the world

  4. @Soerup1 Like any Eastern MMO they tease you in the character creation to show you what you can possibly look like near end game.

    You start off with newbie looking gear like any MMO obviously.

  5. @shawn17dc I love their customization options but they can get pretty outrageous.

  6. @ThyWhoWatchesUatNigh You ma'am, win the internet. I couldn't agree with you more. It's the 12 year old shit eating masses that are killing vidya games nowadays. I couldn't have expressed my opinion on this matter better myself. Kudos to ya.

  7. Holy shit…I didn't know my comment got that many thumbs up, I feel kinda cool right now but I'm not gunna let go to my head….Power to me.

  8. Male and female castanics are both sex bombs , LOL =))

  9. as an artist myself, i am utterly sick of the anti sexy armor outfits in a fantasy games called for by a minority of "arm chair history buffs" . if i was a game designer i would say its "freakin magic" holding up the female costumes in the best spots. the art in this game looks great and is the initial draw for me. sex/ or sexy isn't a perversion, being prude is.

  10. What mmo have any of you been playing that the female is covered up? If that were true we wouldn't have the "less is more" rule regarding coverage and defense. Even WoW(which is played by all ages) doesn't cover up all of their characters.

    The only problem i see with this 'less is more' thing, is that i never get a hot, slightly toned guy in a speedo and a HUGE package jiggling around. Srsly, horny schoolboys aren't the only audience playing these games anymore.

  11. @ThyWhoWatchesUatNigh ='( i still play pokemon on long road trips and i'm 19…

  12. @Varukiri you just made me wanna hurl lmao, even if you're a chick i understand where ur coming from….but damn us dudes dont wanna see that, i would quit the game lol,and im sure alot of other's would too if they were exploring and out of no where someone like that came running across the screen o.0….* Shivers* imma go have some horrifying nightmares now…

  13. Congratulations in making women look like whores. I guess that's how they want others to see them anyways, otherwise they would've complained a long time ago.

  14. It's amazing how offended people get by pixels that are appealing to the eyes.

  15. @CaptainChirac Ye… so sad, better if boy play male char but this never happen XD

  16. I'm a straight female, and I'm making a Castanic. Fuck yea, they're revealing! That's the fun with fantasy.

  17. I was going to make one of these with a bow but that stance is just stupid xD

  18. @ThyWhoWatchesUatNigh Why would you want Sex appeal?? its a load of pixels!! not to mention the immersion is entirely killed when a female warrior in a bikini can take more of a beating from some greater Daemon thing than any male warrior with full plate armour… Coming from a male player.

  19. @1996asdas English version is coming out later this year.

  20. @Aldrnarii Why not? If you're going to be playing a game, why not have interesting graphics? I'm already aware that there things that are gunna be toned down from the korean version, so that battle has already been lost. Yes it is a load of pixels, and I don't think that the immersion is killed…as you noticed it's mostly just the castanics that wear the most revealing armor and if you read the lore you can kinda understand why. The high elves, Amani,Elin,and the human females armor isn't showy

  21. @ThyWhoWatchesUatNigh For a girl your name is very odd…Im 14 and i play mmorpgs all the time i played WoW,PWI,EE,Allods,and many more just because its rated M doesnt mean i wont ask my mom for it or ill use my own money true the games do need it but still pokemon really? Whatever games are games no matter how played and this is seems to be important to you so ill agree and no business playing i can play all i want my money

  22. @HeilVenus It's from Korea. Not as bad as Japan, but they're still kinda weird. Also, sex sells; no getting around that logic.

  23. @kold148 What's wrong with Pokemon? I'm 24 and I still play it.
    But you're right, it's the individual's maturity that matters. WoW has a few stripperific outfits, and you're more than likely to run into a few jackass players, and yet, a 10 year-old player can be remarkably mature and capable of enjoying the game more than some adults.

  24. @kold148 I used pokemon as an example because it's rated E for everyone and Tera is rated M which is what 17+ ages. I mean a lot of people rage about certain aspects of game rather it be the char design, combat system, or w/e. Yeah games are games and people don't seem to understand that and bash it because they are offended by something (in this case the castanic armor designs). I started playing WoW when I was 11 or 12 and I was pretty mature for my age playing with older adults and I'm 18 now

  25. @kold148 I'm not stopping you from playing what you want to play, it's your money (probably your parents but i guess it's like allowance) but it is your parents choice if they want to let you play a M rated game. I didn't say that you couldn't. There is just controversy about it.

  26. @AsMoDlol And then there's people that rage. Who said I didn't like it? who said that I wasn't going to play it? I'm personally going to be playing as a Castanic. Saying an MMO is poison is like saying TV is a godsend. They're both equally poison. I'm not really concerned with what my country is number one in, and yeah if you want your MMO to give you a hardon when you log in that is your problem, kinda odd to get one from pixels tho.

  27. @ThyWhoWatchesUatNigh >implying you want to play castanic or this game for any other reason than that.

  28. @AsMoDlol The game itself. I love the combat system, the lore, the graphics, the community. After quitting WoW, I wanted something new and fresh to play and Tera offered that. When I was looking through the races the Castanics caught my eye so. My alt may even end up being a human.

  29. @ThyWhoWatchesUatNigh I am going to play either High Elf sorcerer or Lancer castanic because they have the most revealing armors.

  30. @AsMoDlol I'll be playing a slayer. I was going to play as a sorcerer but I wanna try something new ;p

  31. Am I the only one who noticed that the character lowers her left (her left, our right) eye slightly before her right eye when she blinks?

  32. The Castanic females were made to be Slayers or Sorcerers .

  33. Even as a guy its kinda awkward how sexual this game is O.o ill pass.

  34. Hahahaha look at the Bikini-Armor! Look at the gigantic Swords! Look at the prostitutes wielding gigantic Swords!

    Nice graphics though. Enjoy you korean grindfest, i'm sure it will be as succesfull as Aion.

  35. After every quest i make sure to inspect my character for any dirt or dings on her armor so i may remove it and give her a nice bath. im such a gentleman. =]

  36. @strat066

    That has to be the gayest thing ive ever FUCKING HEARD.

    Your not going to play a game because the characters are hot?

    There is absolutely no way you are a man.

  37. Only the stripper pole missing now then? Seriously though, armor is supposed to protect you eh? Unrealistic + bad graphics = no ty 😀

  38. You actually succeeded in making an ugly Castanic.. grats ;p

  39. @morpen1234 if you're going to spend hundreds of hours in a multiplayer game, where people judge you on your appearance, skill and gear, might as well represent yourself as a female.

  40. @EvilUniverse Bad graphics? I'm not entirely sure which game you've been looking at. This game has better graphics than most western AAA titles I've seen.

  41. LOL the only people getting mad about these characters are fat chicks. Good. Stay the fuck away from this awesome game, fat chicks.

  42. hehe last look of the characters equals Cute 🙂

  43. @EvilUniverse clearly you have never heard of an MMORPG , less armor = better defense and the graphics for this game are better than any ive ever seen

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