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Tera Online Character Creation – Castanic Female by Steparu 1080p

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Open Beta playing around with character customization, each customization is either my ideal of the character that I would play for the race or maybe I am just trolling you. Go figure. Feel free to use and share with your friends. If you want to use all these videos please be sure to use all my links to my website and youtube accounts and give proper credit.


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Then we can both be happy 😀


  1. @MXNacionalista Elin's are like a hundred years old >.<

  2. @ThyWhoWatchesUatNigh only the Elins are toned down for what i know

  3. @Aldrnarii its the MMO controversy, less armor is more effective >.>

  4. @owen12000 yeah and the forums are still upset about that… I honestly didn't notice a difference but the only thing i've been able to pick up is that there is something wrong with the shorts? *shrug*

  5. @sjafalconz me2 T_T but we still have to wait for 1 month

  6. @Totallyneutral Amen, hallelujah, peanut butter.

  7. The horns remind me of the Half from Tales of Rebirth. I quite like them if the right horns are chosen.

  8. @bulllletsss I have to fix my laptop's graphics card before i can get it though, and there's all this stuff to do for university AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGHHHH i just wanna be lazy and play this game all day!!! XDD

  9. I want to make ones that look like Scanty & Kneesocks.

  10. hah why is it that they wear clothes that make their half parts show & run around like a stripper but , i might play it .

  11. @Exestenz Actualy not i want to be looking like a beasty orc..

  12. @EvilUniverse the nudity is what drags you to the game

  13. Is this a nude version of the charecter creation

  14. @kold148 If you didnt play dungeon keeper then you arent a pc gamer,.

  15. Apparently the Castanic girls are OCD about covering more than one leg. 😛

  16. First asian MMO that all the characters dont look asian
    this game is on a good start for me

  17. How do I make the world bad lol? You dont know me as an individual, you have no idea what i've done in my life. Back to the point, You can create a character exactly the same as they do, if you cant, try different faces, different faces makes the nose width/height look different and so on

  18. Watching this this character creation and these like half naked babes(?) I'm guessing this is an MMORPG made by an Asian company?

  19. If this game is a subscription to play game I am not buying it but if it is just a buy and play definitively I want it so bad.

  20. it's $15 a month, but the first month is free with the game being $50

  21. Yeah i dont have a job or anything and im 16 >-> so i cant pay for a subscription.

  22. yeah that sucks, odd jobs! Mow lawns wash cars bro! I wonder if you can buy pre-paid $30 2 month cards…

  23. Yeah thatd be awesome id be able to do that xD

  24. they have prepaid cards! Get on that money making man this game looks sick!

  25. I love how the classes who don't fight at close-range are the ones who wear the most clothing. Looks like common sense took a back seat in that regard.

  26. This game will blow up to the air all the records of shemale gamers(gaymers)…

  27. Yes, it is a youtube video. Very good. However since youtube is a 'forum', me referring to the comment section as a thread is fairly accurate.

  28. not even talking about girls wielding swords bigger than them.

  29. I think you mean people in general wielding swords bigger than them.
    That's something I'm more used to in fantasy. Usually when armor is that skimpy on a female character, the clothing/light armor is even worse, not more modest lol.

  30. Somehow I'm having trouble imagining someone being quick while wielding a sword or axe roughly the size of Shaq.

  31. omg 🙁 any chance to download and play it free ? :S

  32. Okay, it's a game. And a fantasy game at that. Why would you complain about simple things like swords being too big? Would you rather wear armor that looks stupid but is more realistic or armor that isn't very realistic but looks kick-ass?

  33. HOLY SHIT, wait 10 years, and we will be able to get INSIDE the game!

  34. Less clothing the faster you are;) makes sense that range would cover up more?

  35. Still doesn't make sense.
    I know it's not supposed to, given that it's a game, but still.
    Also, when wielding a sword that's twice your size, I doubt that the amount of armor you wear affects how fast you are 😛

  36. They sway their hips back and forth–with a little too much enthusiasm, if ya' know what I mean.

  37. I like how the weapons look as if they they were be heavier then the girls themselves…

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