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Tera Online Character Creation – Baraka by Steparu 1080p

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Open Beta playing around with character customization, each customization is either my ideal of the character that I would play for the race or maybe I am just trolling you. Go figure. Feel free to use and share with your friends. If you want to use all these videos please be sure to use all my links to my website and youtube accounts and give proper credit.


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Then we can both be happy 😀


  1. @jasonthreedee Their women went extinct when they died trying to satisfy the incredibly badass baraka males.

  2. @Fe1ion2 Corny but I accept your comment cool beans 🙂

  3. @DaWolfsOnCrAcK Nope Baraka is male only

  4. Why do you always pick outfits that obscure the face? You did that in the Amani video too. It makes it a lot harder to get a look at them.

  5. @Fe1ion2
    you should name him Obamaa (Baraka Obamaa)

  6. When does This game comeout —-____—- i want to play it so bad. getting tired of playing WoW and Aion

  7. @BroDontRageAtMe spring 2012 in EU and USA , cant wait for it 🙂 got bored of WoW

  8. @faloncore I thought it was clever and funny. 😛

  9. I like the stoneskin look as a whole with the Baraka. They almost look like a moving greek statue. Not to mention that they become a walking fortress when dawning platemail. I can't wait!

  10. Respond to this video… lol they fat as hell xD

  11. how do you fuck up music so badly and then claim HD?

  12. @BoyKen16 They're not really 'fat', more like pinheads. That said, they somehow look awesome anyway.

  13. I want lady Barakas :C I'd frikkin play one so hard, ROARRR GIANT STONE WOMAN RORRR. Would have been awesome. I am disappoint.

  14. @therewasnoIDfree if youve got nothing nice to say don't say anything

  15. If there was a baraka from a town named Bama…he'd be the Baraka O' Bama.

  16. every other race looks weak flimsy compared to this big chuck of awesomeness!!

  17. Swag?

    No, the word Swag does no justice to describe this pimp.

  18. They remind me of those electric midgets in WoW. Pretty bad ass.

  19. @Deviatefish13 minimume requirements; Pentium D 2.8GHz AMD CPU=Athlon LE-1660, Graphics GeForce 315 512MB, AMD GPU Radeon HD 5450 512MB
    recommended. Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz, Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 6000+, GeForce 8800 GT, Radeon HD 3870 X2.
    I got this info form game-debate . com so idk how accurate this is or isnt, but it sounds about right

  20. at 0:31~0:36 GANDALF?!!?!!?!? O0O

  21. @Fancysaltedpeanut I'm totally going to have to give up SWTOR for Tera xD

  22. @MeepingSade
    Cancelled my swtor today, shit crap game too much buggs its like paying for beta test a game. I go play tera

  23. @Fe1ion2 u should make that character and then run for vanrach (which is the ruler of a zone)

  24. @Fe1ion2 Baraka Obama D: president of TERA universe

  25. It's in-game music that is part of the Baraka character creation screen. Each race has their own piece of music during customization.

  26. OMG!
    The Barrack theme sounds like the theme from Sword Art Online!

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