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Tera Online Character Creation – Amani Male by Steparu 1080p

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Open Beta playing around with character customization, each customization is either my ideal of the character that I would play for the race or maybe I am just trolling you. Go figure. Feel free to use and share with your friends. If you want to use all these videos please be sure to use all my links to my website and youtube accounts and give proper credit.


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Then we can both be happy 😀


  1. @grantkps3 heheheh i'm totally gonna do it now that you've said it. it didn't even cross my mind earlier.

  2. havnt heard much bout the game but that is one epic race

  3. @nanakon28 I'm guessing I'll be able to run it with my PC that I got in late 2010 then. :>

  4. These guys almost look like the ogres from dragon age… BUT THEY ARE FRACKING AWESOME LOOKING!

  5. would make it easyer to see without the gear 1st while doing the customise

  6. @grantkps3 I am becoming a priest with this epic race.

  7. If i ever paly this game, i will play a AMANI LANCER !

  8. @itsmypostbox Not necessarily.
    Also, I might make mine a Sorcerer.

  9. @ConmanXful
    I was thinking more of then looking like distant cousins of the Qunari 😛

  10. @grantkps3 Having a priest that can keep themselves alive better could be very useful.

  11. Do you just pay once for the game? Or do you have to be paying monthly?

  12. I have a feeling these guys are gonna have a Russian accent in the NA release.
    "I am strong and tenacious…LIKE BULL!"

  13. @CabezonGOW Well, you pay $60 once for the game (or $50 for the standard or $80 for the hard copy), then get a month free. Then you pay $15 a month.

  14. Aman sort of remind me of turtles when with certain features and colours.

  15. @DuploBone
    Oh sh***. I thought it would be cheaper :/ Well, I think I'm going to wait for Guild Wars 2 😛 Thanks for the info, by the way.

  16. @RoyayTV
    Okay, relax man! Haha, I heard that this game is boring and the only thing you do is stand still and click on the enemy 😛 The character creation seems awesome but the gameplay doesn't convince me at all.

  17. @CabezonGOW If you've watched gameplay where the player just stands in one spot, then the player was a bad one. This game is intended to be played as a God of War-style action RPG, with lots of maneuvering, rolls and such.

  18. @Bomfunker91
    Interesting… Do you have any good gameplay video you could share with me?

  19. @CabezonGOW Look up Totalbicsuit's "Gamescom Coverage : WTF is Tera Online?" video, from about 7:30 and on he shows off one low-level, and one high-level, melee character.

  20. @CabezonGOW No problem 🙂 If you were wondering, ranged classes like the Archer and spellcasters have to aim many of their spells manually, using either crosshairs or AoE 'markers' guided by their mouse pointers.

  21. If this game becomes F2P just like Guild Wars 2. I buy it.

  22. @formless13 free to play means no monthly cost

  23. i rather buy it for 60-80$ instead of wait for a year become free to play, and what if does't become free to play =/?

  24. I can't wait for it to be released in May 1st!
    …it just sucks that I'm not in North America…XC

    btw, why are the armor designs look practically gay-ish. Its showing too much skin on the chest and abdomen.

  25. Well most actual armors have AT LEAST leather or chainmail there for flexabilty. Having nothing just means more flexabilty. Or that's a good excuse I think they just like women's flat stomach and men's abs. /shrug. Personatly I don't worry. I'm busy lookign at the giant. fucking. weapon trying to think of 'WHY'

  26. gonna help the world of tera as a aman beserker >:D

  27. Am i the only woman that find the amani male super attractive? *_*

  28. He said just like guild wars 2 he was talking about no subscription

  29. Am I the only man that find the amani male super attractive? t(o ) _ ( o)t

  30. Amani male… Mmmmmm…. Time for some daydreaming..

  31. not quite sure… I much prefer the barakas… XD
    but if I get the chance, I may try out a green, red or black amani.

  32. Free to play means there's no subscription fee. You still have to buy the game, such as in GW2's case.

  33. One thing you gonna hand to this game, it's not sexist. The male armor is just as revealing and fucking impractical as the female armor. I mean look at this, if dudes pants were any lower we all be seeing Amani cock right now.

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