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Tera Online – Character Classes

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This is a Video for the beautiful MMO Role Playing Game Tera Online.

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  1. Rift Online has a system that lets you combine attributes and skills from different classes, and Guild Wars 2 allows all classes to be either melee or ranged depending on what kind of weapon they're wielding. Skills change dramatically depending on your weapon in GW2. Both games are very innovative regarding what you said. Check them out 🙂

  2. the skill level of the players in wow keeps going down because its to esy so it keeps getting easier it will die in 1-2 more expansions

  3. I know Im wishing for the impossible, but is this game free to play?

  4. I dont know how ppl could play this game i tryed it this weekend and i found it very very annoing.. too linear no content.. this game is a big flop TRUE ACTION COMBAT is stupid and absolutly not TRUE if this game should be F2P could be a good game but if i have to pay 59€ and a monthly fee to play i choose again WOW at least is more funny and there are a lots of content.. this game is poor of imagination.. and if I change races, I start from the same point how stupid is that.. TERA FAIL

  5. agree totally agree.. WOW was/is/will be the most played mmo.. I tried SWTOR TERA and GW2.. the only one i liked ia GW2 cause it very very close in WOW for content (it's not only quest and grind but it has a lot of subcontent that makes the game very nice) if you didn't try it i advice you to try it… the biggest reason for me to change and go to GW2 is that no Monthly Fee and with this time of crisis is a big save for my pocket.. i play WOW since Vanilla and GW2 make me feel like those days.

  6. DONT DO IT… REALLY.. it's like trow your money out of the windows.. watch GW2 a million times better.. TERA has non content and you get bored after a month.. I tried both GW2 and TERA and i have to say GW2 for life.. trust me you will not be disappointed and also Gw2 has not Monthly fee.. TERA make you pay 13.99€ a month..

  7. No it's not F2P.. if you want a low cost game try Gw2 you pay 49.99€ and after that there's no monthly fee and it's a million time better than this poor content game.. this game just sparkling but is far far away to be a good game.. next year will be F2P cause it's not fair make ppl play this game.. trust me watch some GW2 content and you will be happy..

  8. agree tried a free trial and it's a grinding Korean style without content.. DONT BUY IT.. BUY GW2 (aka GUILD WARS 2)…

  9. no one cares -.- i could care less who plays WoW Gears of War Tera Cabal Heroes online Rift Start Wars etc, it'll be terrible to have way to many people in a single game anyways, and i could certainly care less if they stay attached to one game and don't move on, it's just a matter of choice between the players and they have every right to decide on what they want to do, and i really don't understand why people keep fighting about this -.- pointless

  10. Sadly Gw2 hasnt come out yet -__________- and swtor was good but it gets boring so quickly, WoW has allways been good in its own ways, But the patches are just killing it…
    Still it would be good to make vanilla wow MONK class instead of panda weird fuking childish shit..

  11. Do u have to pay every month to play it or u can just buy it and have it 4ever ?

  12. gonna wait till this shit is F2P. Not wasting money on generic shit.

  13. Ugh, if I ever bother to get this mmo, I'm going to have to play a male character. The female characters all look they are straight from erotic fiction -_-

  14. I bought game, downloaded it and canceled subscription in 10 min. What a disappointment.. All game looks like10 years back, controls are sucks- if you don't use controller you need both hands to only move around, as with mouse you have to point where to go and move with key using left hand. I always play casters so I like click to move control, that way while my char runs I can look around and my left hand on my spells(on keys). this one most stupid controls I ever used and I'm 15 years gamer.

  15. Beautiful game….if only the story made a lick of sense and the quests weren't such a grind.

  16. the only difference is that you have to pay

  17. Sorry man Chinese MMOs don't have decent graphics..

  18. i try and play it might suck or it might be awsome

  19. Fuck Assassin Class, They ruin most of the MMOS by being OP !!!
    Stealthy and instant jumps make it unfair for most classes !

  20. well its my favorite class and i cant play MMOs with any other,they ruin games just for those that dont like them =p.And btw i noticed that there is assassin class in this game called "warrior"

  21. looks like god of war online an i liked

  22. it just turned into a free to play chinese MMO……already

  23. nothing special….is looks the most like Perfect World!

  24. видео параша…все бегает< прыгает…маргает…крч параша!

  25. Not much has changed but now there are Elins

  26. there is no assassin…how can there be an mmo rpg game without assassin class? not gonna play.

  27. possibilities are endless.. no they are not without the assasin class..

  28. I would hate to be forced to fight in any single piece of armour worn by a female in this game.

  29. ohh yeaah sorcerer, do that spell for me. if you know what I mean 😀

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