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Tera Online CBT Trailer

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  1. Not to be hatin', but I have this disturbing feeling that this game is inspired by Final Fantasy 11. Ofc, somebody needs to fill the void that FF14 left, and I'd welcome this game for that role.

  2. Must buy new computer….. oh look a panda 😀 (1:34)

  3. do you hvave to download the game or buy it ?

  4. oO in 3years ????
    how can he play it then ?? 😛

  5. no problme 😛
    my english is bad to so
    i hate it always korea haves the dam good games

  6. bah…they announced the cb testers a few days back…i wasn't selected~ 🙁

    wonder if steparu got in?

  7. Requirements:
    Cpu dual core
    Ram 2GB
    Vga: Geforce 9800
    Hd: 30GB

  8. I was selecioned for beta, I think the game will be right to play in 2 months…

  9. Man i'm ecstatic to play this. The character design and gaming style looks amazing.

  10. @ioWndADoG221 we can…. im allready registered on hangame, but my graphic card sux, thats why i cant play it xD And who cares if it is in korean, its still fun to play 😛

  11. Poor Panda at end :'( And indeed wtf 30gb ? 😮 That just big not even CoD mw2 or WoW is that big :/

  12. @crunk001 who actually gives a fuck about the storyline in MMOs, if you want an immersive story go read a book or play a single player RPG, And srsly korean MMOs are the best around so yeah… And the game is quite innovative with the new targeting system so not really a copy-paste shit-mmo.

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