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Tera Online: Can No Longer Wait – CBT 5 Contest Entry

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Add us in game. Our names are “Cody” and “Collective”. We play on Dragonfall! See ya there.
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This is our entry to Enmasse’s closed beta test 5 contest. We were asked to create a video answering the question “What is Tera?” So we put a musical spin on it, hopefully you all enjoy!

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  1. I'm guessing you havn't even bothered to read what more I wrote to him or what he replied. I didn't mean it as an insult, though granted, it does sound a bit offensive.

    So I'm an idiot? Well you're manners obviously says different about you. I hope you picked up the sarcasm.

  2. Again. We've stressed that PlayerPOV is a gaming channel. Not a LoL specific channel. We'll continue to produce LoL content, along side Tera content. It's not like we're uninstalling LoL and never playing again. If you're subscribed for LoL content (as most of our subscribers are) then you only have to watch the LoL videos. But please, don't tell us what content to produce, then bash a game we're interested in. It makes me a mad Collective.

  3. @ihasfail Must be having a hard time managing three MMOs. TERA and Diablo3 will mostly be accompanying me through the year. 🙂

  4. i ll buy GW2 and maybe diablo i dont think i have the time to play 2 MMOS 😛

  5. Totally stunning. Great work as always 🙂
    Can't wait to play Tera!

  6. how can you tell someone what to play or make?

  7. hey i dont have a good gaming computer do you think i can play this?

  8. Oh and Tera based on skill is a completely lol statement.

  9. How is it not based on skill if it requires you to aim and dodge to evade?

  10. probably ar low specs, but you can see the minimum requirements on the homepage.

  11. imagine a game based area skill? i guess your not thinking about wow 😛

  12. You don't really aim, dodge or evade. Play a game like Darkfall or SC2 thats real skill not.. I aim my character on a general direction then face roll.

  13. Do you aim, dodge and evade. You have a crosshair, there's no tab targeting, ranged characters play like 3rd person shooters. You can't compare MMO to an RTS game, dude, and what's Darkfall? first time hearing it.

  14. i love duh LOL but fucking dope song KEEP IT UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Are you really that ignorant? Or just plain dumb?

  16. Do you read the entire conversation before making arrogant comments? Or are you just too stupid to understand a situation before you comment on it? Sad.. So sad…

  17. Oh I did, I still could give a fuck what you think.

  18. Darkfall is a FPSMMORPG. Its a FPS , with archery/magic/melee, you have to AIM everything and you control 100% everything. 100% skill. Tera is a joke and saying it takes skill is just stupid . Youtube Darkfall PvP or watch my videos. Darkfall>all other games.

  19. I have 1 Question .. Who Is Better In Tera And Who Is Better In League Of Legends ( I Mean In Skills Not Luck) ?
    Cody Or Collective ?
    (Think Before U PM )

  20. I was so looking forward to this. Tried all classes and pre-ordered. What a waste of time. I was so excited by a pure skill MMO. If it were only that simple, Quite honestly I would say its a very disappointing title from Blue Hole. All the rich storyline and nothing shown in the game. Once you get passed the combat its very generic and somewhat below average in terms of engaging.

  21. Congrats on winning second in Tera's Creative Contest!!!

  22. DAMNNN this is too good 🙂 great job and congrats on second place!
    Immediate favourite and fan+1 ♥♥

  23. Hey congrats for placing in the contest!

    Hope we brush internet shoulders in the future. 🙂

  24. You should have won the contest. 2nd place is not good enough for this video! All you could have done better was use original footage (x

  25. I hope we do too! You guys make hilarious videos.

  26. o.o I was looking at who won the beta stuff… was listening. And went "HOLY SHIT KODA." XD <33

  27. I saw the contest winners and I was really surprised you guys didn't place first I saw the "The whole new game" video and all I could think is really………

  28. WHERE CAN I FIND THE INTRO SONG? SO NICEEE like the whole song haha love the lyrics 🙂

  29. I usually like your verses but not your choruses but I love this song's chorus.

  30. i love this song so much that i'm so going to put it in my sims2 machinima XD love it!!!!!!!

  31. every time i listen to this i want to play Tera, then i'll remember how boring Tera really is. But THIS IS A GREAT SONG!

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