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TERA Online – Bot with Teleport Hack

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There were so many bot running around with teleport hack, figure I get some footage and show others how bad it is.

Recorded from J-TERA OBT August 8-16.

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  1. Are you sure its not lag?
    Would be pretty sad if that was a bot LMAO
    Seriously who bots in an OBT… only the lowest of the lowest of the low…
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @hyulik EWW! What kind of loser no-life noob jerk BOTS THROUGH an OBT?!!?!?! You didn't even need to bot, there was NO grinding!

  3. Well, they had to test their botting program somwhere. Why not when its free? so that answers why they'd be botting in OBT. From what I understand, and if you pay attention, you can target things in this game, though not directly. What a player can and cannot lock on to and target with the mouse is at a limit. Games are made by programmers, and bots are made by the same; Theres a huge posibility a game can always have a bot problem. Just gotta program it to lock on to things with code.

  4. Its his skill D:. . . with less cooldown.

  5. aim bot… it's in aiming games. The only other thing you need to do is calculate distance and declare what is target-able.

  6. chinese bots now comes with teleport hack, like in gw2

  7. I dont think it is bots though,
    If is was me, I would rather play as warrior or sorcerer for more efficient when use bots

  8. doesnt make sense for it to be lag. you would think he would lag more during the fight on the count that the game has more to render out as opposed to a simple running animation. thats definitely a bot

  9. Definitely not a lag. A lag would not allow one character to move. The game will just pull you back to the part where you lagged at. Also a player not on a mount can't run faster than someone on the mount.

  10. idk about all that… i think gaming was ruined when they started making f2p mmos. secondly while i'm not 100% against botting, what i am against is players using it to get an advantage against other players in the same vicinity. used to a lot of claim botters in FFXI which is annoying, and bots that would allow the player to "stun" certain enemy attacks on command so they never used them etc etc but i know people that use plenty of bots to craft and fish (a major pastime in FFXI)

  11. ultimately if it isn't hurting me directly i don't really see an issue with the botting. besides it will get to a point where botting will be so common and en masse will eventually have to stop banning it's players or there will be no tera left just as WoW does it just as FFXI does it they've stopped banning botters because it's not smart marketing.

  12. and last if en masse really REALLY cared about all this botting business… a simple google search could help them to find and take down any potential threats they have the right as a copyright/trademarked company to get into some legal action against these people that are creating the bots, but they really don't/aren't.

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