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Tera Online Big Spiders are fun 1080p

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Next batch of videos of Tera Online for this week ^_^/ Recording lags my game, but at least the outcome is smooth as a rock. Enjoy have a nice weekend.

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Then we can both be happy 😀


  1. @tadas2222 It's new… it's not even out yet. So unless you were in one of the alpha phases… it's not likely you've played it.

  2. It looks like a mushroom D:
    A gigantic evil mushroom…

  3. ok, not that this is an important factor, but i always liked games with weather effects as well as night and day. does this game have weather and a night/day? n_n

  4. I've been wondering for a while o.o what are warriors good for in a party? Are they even good :p?

  5. Nicely done,with the adds at the end 😛 Lancer looks like a lot of fun ti play.. and Ive played a few tank classes before.

  6. @ShinkayAMVz Warriors are tanks. But not like Lancers. Warriors are evasion tanks, they tank basically by dancing through the bosses with various dodges and keeping aggro with high-threat/low damage skills. A good enough warrior could tank a boss without being touched once. Not that it is remotely easy, but possible.

  7. is the battle system anything like monster hunter?
    it seems that way

  8. What class does that Ice/Freeze spell?
    I'm guessing sorcerer

  9. i hope this game doesnt turn out like Aion. it was such a flop. i'd say this looks way more exciting compared to when i first saw Aion. i love the way the combat system looks

  10. If a grown man is playing a character that looks like a 7 year old girl, who even shows off her ass as she taunts.. that's just messed up. I'm looking forward to this game myself, but if this isn't twisted and pedophillic, I don't know what it is. They try to portray them as sexually attractive even though they look like children WTF!

  11. @Athril
    He did you find them sexually attractive/have a corrupt mindset, or you wouldn't have even brought it up, honestly I find it cute/funny.

  12. will the western version be IP blocked or something like that?

  13. Steparu, or anyone, really, how is Lancer in the end-game? I can't figure out what class to play first, but I've always loved tanking. The one thing really throwing me off about Lancer is the ugliness of the weapons. I know, that's lame, but still, they just look so boring.

  14. dose anyone know i can run tera with Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset?

  15. @benlol14 i think u can go on google and write tera online system requriements and see

  16. i thought it was a boss mob, but you have to kill 3 of them 😛 NICE XD

  17. Hate it when videos are uploaded in 1080p but the game resolution is like 480 or something.

  18. @SoftwareTheft can anyone point to some actual 1080p gameplay vids from TERA?

  19. Spider BAM"s are annoying to fight but not to bad

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