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[Tera Online Berserker PvP] Soeasy: Some serious Berserker shit

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I had no other Idea for the Name, lel.
Disclaimer: since i have currently very shit Internet and i wasn’t able to record good stuff because of that, i had to delete some ideas(like the World PvP at the end and Rated 3v3 Arena). I’m sorry for that, but i would say no one wants to see me failing because i just can’t play Arena/PvP with 300+MS Spikes.

Cyberbird – GitS SAC OST 2
One Ok Rock – No Scared
Paul Oakenfold – Switch on
Hadouken – Turn the Light out


  1. Random question, how is your tail color black and then on another character pink? In NA tera it only is red or blonde sadly. 🙁

  2. Big respect to you. you have very big skill with zerk . maybe the best what i even seen. 🙂

  3. Do you still play on Zuras? Or did you also switch to kilian?

  4. man sexy video! totally new to the game. I have a slayer and zerker at 25. they both have their advantages. watching your makes me lean towards zerker. especially with your better gear and 1 shot guys. well played.

  5. that is serious, no joke about that, never seen that much excessive damage.

  6. The time, when zerks were Op. I wouldn't like to fight against you- u are :ideal, skilled, awesome, perfect-aming, Best beast zerk asassin! I feel respect. (Which server are you?)

  7. Zuras is Icaruna now – mix of three servers, so if u left tera, u May Come back. You are also invited to Killian pvp.

  8. Lol, now i know from where they rip off mystic from C9

  9. Nice one but you should avoid recording the kill you did on some afk players.Hopefully there is some really good plays after bu tyou killed about 5-6 afks 🙁

  10. I thought you were too fucking bro. I started playing created a berseker Kastanic … 
    Wanted to know how you can play like that '-' .. what are the important skills and how to distribute the points in skills … '-'. if you can help me thank you 'u'

  11. ok ich schnalls nicht, du ladest den angriff auf und rollst dann ab, dachte es sei um den cooldown nicht zu verschwenden aber scheinbar machen das viele bersis und dann macht ihr näcster angriff mega damage aber ich finde in keine skillleiste nen skill der dann nach dem überschaden auf cd geht. nur das blocken geht auf cd aber du kannst ihn ja kaum mit blocken 70k machen

  12. if only i could b half as good as u lol, people always group up against me and its a gee gee for me, but u handle them like a boss lol keep it up c:

  13. Man, watching you PvP with a Berserker makes me miss this game. I had a Slayer and a Berserker, and I loved both of them so much.

  14. big up to u 😉 would like to make a duel with you
     with my slayer :))

  15. Atlast! Tera movie with introduction, some editing, good music and reaallyy awesome skills. Great vid, keep it up! moar vids!!!

  16. 89k damage? WHAT! THE! FUCK! the developers were probably high while balancing the classes

  17. zerks dont kill ppl, they delete your char on a crit LMAO

  18. as a fellow zerk i salute you… one of the best ive seen ALL HAIL ZERKS

  19. Какой то чувак глупым чаром с тупой битой ебашит низкоуровневых дибилов критами по 89к….пфф…в топку

  20. People keep complaining about how OP zerks are, they seriously have no idea that the attack speed is sooo slow that you almost have to use charged and AOE attacks to really do any significant damage.

  21. the fwc clips are from vm1 days…those days my sorc was critting for 100k+ in fwc with fireblast. good old days

  22. Zerkers are great but don't expect it to be like him. My friend plays zerker and I play slayer and I basically just float around him.

  23. dejate de  joder…. pega  fireblas  con una axe  cada 1  segundo .. este personaje es una mentira…  te puede matar  de una  golpe  a una persona que  lleva jugando tera 1 año…. a donde la viste a esa…(balancen el juego lpm )

  24. Вот это настоящий скилл!

  25. back when Zerks were OP as hell, love those times…
    he could hit over 150% more damage than health they have lmao.

  26. Soo out of topic,
    Does anyone know ALL the music HE/SHE is playing, because it is actually pretty nice to listen to when your doing dungeons.

  27. I watch this from time to time just because its so epic!

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