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Tera Online Archer PVP lvl 60 EU Zuras

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Lvl 60 Archer pvp Tera Online on Zuras Server Tera EU


  1. Hi someone can help me with that game cuz i 2-3 times try ti install it but all times have some different errors and i need helm to play it. If someone have 5-10 min to tell me from where i can download it and how to start the game

  2. I know i've heard the first song somewhere before but i can't remember where…could you help me out
    Nice vid though

  3. oh forgot there where more songs…it was the first song

  4. Look SO boring the archer class you just charge 1 skill and release… nothing special

  5. Well, you just have to love the Archers playstyle ^^. In BG, you just need to stay back behind the Melee's team members, and use 2 charging skills, and aim for low hp enemies.

    However pvping outside BG's it would needs more tacts than in BG. But all after all, these 2 skills are the main damage dealers of Archers.

  6. Yep, that's true, even in 1 v 1 in open world PVP, it already involves more than 2 charging skills.

  7. Is zuras a good server? Are there enough people to play well? and
    on a pvp server pve can not do? iam a noob

  8. i don't get this in some vids archers hit like tons of dmg over 40k and u hit 20k tops ;s with same gear fraywind or whatever it's calld. i understand ppl have diffrent opponents but this is bullshit is it about rng on crits or what ?

  9. U get the people to such low life and then ur team steals it . well done

  10. This somewhat applies to BG though,it's IMO pretty fun when it's 1v1.

  11. I agree with u Indootje – Archers job is – stay behind….u have right 🙂 and use only skill which gives u the best hits … i would also play in ur style soo good video 🙂

    im only 39lvl human archer was in bg and also was using the same skills… dont need to use all skills to be kickass 😀

  12. Hello, thank you ^^ ehehe, luckily i reserved that name before lol.

  13. Uhm, i know what u mean, if you check top right of my screen, you see that I dont have any priest buff at all, and no mystic aura, which could explain the low crit.

    All after all, this archer was my first char, it was pretty badly optimized, since I had little knowledge about Tera that time. Crystals were not the right one for the archer :p and no Master glyphs either.

  14. id like another class but i archer is already lvl 25 dont feel like leveling from teh start

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