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TERA Online Archer Battleground PVP

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A video of how an archer can change the outcome on the battlegrounds!
+12 VM Bow
+12 Conj Armor, Gloves
+9 Conj Boots
Bloodtouch Necklace
2x Winds Whisper
2x Conquerors Ring

Music: Madeon – Icarus, AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill



  2. Didn't exactly see an archer changing the outcome of a battle. Also, the quality sucks and your machine butchers the graphics of this game.

  3. I'd like to see you play battlegrounds at MAX settings WHILE recording, lul.

  4. is this a new terra battleground because I've been playing and I've never seen this before

  5. how did u get your game to run so smooth plz tell i want mine to run like that to u.u

  6. someone can give me tips to play pvp? I just arrived lvl 60 with my archer my friends always beat me… 

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