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Tera Online Arcane Engineer Promo Trailer

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The Arcane Engineer is going to go live today. I might check it out before the BDO servers go live.

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  1. Loving the new class xD castanic were always a fav of mine anyway, thank god there won't be any Elins to further litter the server. Honestly, Elins are EVERYWHERE! I like this gender lock, well maybe it's a bit extreme with only castanics and high elves(not sure why human females weren't thrown into this mix) male gunners seem promising in this class too. Can't complain too much, games free yo 😛 and not spending a single cent unless they build servers in Aus. Honestly, we got the shittiest net out there.

  2. Will you stream BDO? Oh, and, uh, the trailer for this new class was kinda terrible….

  3. If nothing else, Tera knows their fanbase. First a class only for Elin, and now a class only for female Elves and Castanics! Tons of content for  the people who like playing those!

  4. I dont get why everyone is hating on tera 
    Its a fun game, better than archeage at least ^-^

  5. is Step Going to to a game-play video on this class when it goes live?? 

  6. Makes sense.. I guess, but are they going to base every new class off a previous outfit? :U

  7. imo TERA was at it's prime time when the queens update was in. But all of this.. the cosmetics, all of this just what. 

  8. at 0:35 it forgot to add kill 100 of any kind to get the money…..

  9. If anybody will ask – Yes! This game is still very much alive and still has a lot of players!
    On EU for example it's Fraya server – most populated.
    New "chapter" (Fate of Arun) brings realy, realy nice content and story but it's too short.
    The game holds up great on both servers!

    Och and, of course – for TERA players every new content are nice 😉

  10. Tera died. Every new patches made it more boring

  11. Its always funny how a slender girl can wield just a huge gun xD

  12. >new classes for specific races
    For what purpose? That's just aggravating. I mean, class restrictions for races in other games are one thing. This is just taking it to a pretty silly level.

  13. Cool looking class, but the female only thing seems a little weird to me. Maybe they are going to make some male only classes for High Elves and Castanics? Anyway, minor gripes aside, more content is always nice I suppose.

  14. Please add new amour sets to the game already…..

  15. Guess i have no reason to log into American TERA till this gets released on it.

  16. So many haters 😮 If you don't like the game why watch a video about the upcoming content? Just to rant and complain? Really what are you people doing with your time that you would watch something you clearly dislike, comment how much you dislike it and then try to start an argument with those that do :/

    Anyways the skills look nice though it seems animation locked so PvP might be near impossible but firing flashy skills everywhere is always fun ∩(︶▽︶)∩

  17. For everyone questioning their reasoning behind releasing race specific classes.

    7 races, 12 characters total would take forever to make new animations for. Every race in tera has unique characteristics in all their fighting animations, so trying to design a new class animation around all of those characteristics would be a heavy toll. Essentially, they'd rather produce content then take the time to animate every character to perfectly fit the new class. Lazy? Maybe? Understandable? Sure. Do I care? Nope.

    I think there's far bigger problems within Tera besides the race specific classes. Far too many things to bring up.

  18. just what kind of shit is this character rly ? Tera was such a good game before 

  19. Pretty amusing trailer…
    But this new class doesn't fit the games lore at all :/. Why would they do this?

  20. Race lock i can understand because it would take them ages to create the animations for each race, even though if they really wanted a top game they should probably just take the extra time and do it properly and give each race the same class instead of being sloppy about it… BUT FUCKING GENDER LOCK!?!?!? why is it that only girls are getting new things!? AND why are the females of these 2 races the ones with the giant cannons!?! this game was good yes but now this is just getting sloppy and shit.

  21. This is the main reason why I don't play a lot of South Korean games currently. The developers have an immensely strong bias towards female characters, as a result they make gameplay for people who select females not only easier and casual friendly but give them the most time and effort when it comes to quality development time.

    It's a waste of potential! I can't wait for a korean developer to show up one day and prove me wrong finally and release a game with a balanced cast of classes/characters male AND female that are on nearly the same playing field in terms of skill requirement, flashy over the top attacks, and well thought out/balanced moves.

    This is why Japan is still king of Action Based rpgs, because Japanese game developers continue to create said balanced games and everyonce and awhile make a game where the males are constantly top tier, its just pathetic that south korean developers are slowly gaining this horrible reputation in the last 4 or 5 years now, basically if its a korean game, be a female because the nerdy developers will most likely buff them the most and give them the best stuff. #spite #learntodevelop #findarealwoman #makearealgame

  22. Its just…why does every Western mmo have to follow this pattern?

    They all start with the basic heals, support, dps, and tank classes…… and then they add a assassin/ranger class or a "gunner", next will be some sort of bard or cyborg lol, this is Aion all over again. smd and smh I will be playing BDO and Moonlight blade thank you very much

  23. This class looks awesome but I'm too lazy to grind all the way to Lv. 65.

  24. why do people always find stupid crap to complain about?

  25. Anyone know when this is hitting na tera?

  26. Wooooooow . . . .. female only. . . 

  27. …. uh oh mech class probably coming out soon aint bad but its alittle tedious how korean mmorpg use so much sci fi when the world it self its not

  28. do we still need mwa or extensive/valuable alkahest to go +15? or is there a new type of alkahest?

  29. ok, i just seen this today (Feb 23rd. 2015)
    and Im in the game right now in the character creation menu and I dont see any Engineer class. so what am I missing here ?

  30. Do you get the little robots because there cute

  31. Females only class? Again!? 
    Robot crap in Tera? Seriously!?
    Well RIP to Tera forever:
    a)Sorry but I hate class-restrictions 
    b)Robots were the thing that killed game like Aion in first place so lol I can see where this is going

  32. Cool~ But ya kind of feel pity for those who want to play as a male or a different race, I mean first was the reaper class although I can't be a huge part of the hate crew for that except having to reach a certain lvl to unlock it, but it's 2015 mmo's should already learn by now to stop genderlocking, it's annoying.

  33. In terms of why they are making race exclusive classes, i think its because its less expensive. If they had to make a reaper for all races, they would have to animate reaper moves for all races. If you have not noticed for all basic classes, even tho they are the same class the movements are race specific. It would be quite expensive and time consuming for them to do it for all  classes, races, genders etc.  Its a business there running they have to be cost efficient and seeing as everyone will never be 100% satisfied with what they do, play to a majority. 

  34. They should make elin engineer xD she'll look like Tristana from league of legends

  35. Nothing is hotter than hot chicks and Guns….;)

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