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Tera Online Arakia BAM

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This is the first BAM (Big Ass Monster) we found in Tera Online, Arakia! Rather nasty little bugger that took almost 20 minutes to kill. Didnt help we didnt have a Lancer to tank for us. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. This fight was quite possibly my favorite boss of any game over the past 12 years.

  2. lol @ "Oh god little girl! No!" xDDDD

  3. finally looks like an mmo that provides a challenge 🙂 cant wait to start on the 28th

  4. Haha, I saw this thing when I was leveling and thought it'd be smart to solo it.. let's just say it didn't end very well for my poor Archer lol!

  5. I will tell Squire Waddy of your approval!

  6. yeah right before we shot this video Mooner was going to poke it with a stick while we were all screaming BACK AWAY!

  7. yeah the combat system alone has sold me. I find the fact lots of fights dont need a tank if you know when to dodge amazing. Its the first game that has a genuine skill component in pve.

  8. I'm still thinking of joining your guild, both my cousin and I pre ordered this game and are missing it so much right now, too bad there aren't any good MMORPG's to be played besides this haha. I'd just have to sort out Teamspeak on my cousins computer.

  9. TS3 is easy. Its a free program and takes all of maybe 30 seconds to install. Reason we have that as a requirement is 95% of our communication as a guild goes through there. If you arent in TS… you really arent in the guild.

    Few folks have tried to do it in the past and always end up leaving the guild inside of a week due to feeling ignored, when in reality they were simply just not taking advantage of what we had to offer. Hope to see you there EvilMix

  10. Ya I know it`s easy for me to set up, but my cousin is shit with computers LOL. We`ll join your guild though, apparently there`s a program where I can see his computer on mine.

  11. Ya that`s it, thanks buddy. I`ll message you in game, soo bored right now LOL. We`re actually downloading SWTOR until the 28th… *yawn*

  12. look up "A valley with out wind" its a great game and has a trial. Will keep you busy for 2 days

  13. Hey man you wanna give me your Teamspeak info? I can set it up on both mine and my cousins computer now, you can just send it through Youtube message if you don't want it on your video. Peace buddy

  14. oh yeah we need ranged badly. Few of us are actually rerolling during early access with that in mind

  15. For future reference. The red circle that pops up under characters indicate who has current agro.

  16. i solod this guy in 18 minutes. they dont get harder when your in a group do they ?o. o

  17. yeah sadly the bams dont always drop loot and frequently the loot they do drop is crap

  18. Are you talking about that red circle that later explodes? It shows you where the mob's attack is going to land.

  19. no, the crest thing directly under the character.

  20. Just tried this a few minutes ago..It didn't go so well for me either 🙁

  21. This BAM is part of a Guild Quest, probably why it doesn't always drop "phat loot" is because it's a quest mob. Also ues, it's a rare spawn.

  22. we killed him in party of 3members, lvl 19 😉

  23. just got killed by him… not even 5mins ago lol, i went back to city and then i was trying to find him again on the same place and took him like 3mints to disappear …

  24. this thing needs good warrior to tank or an average lancer 😉

  25. BAM stands for Big-Ass Monster, it's not a boss fight

  26. damn nice graphics, i wish i could play this tera with these graphics.

  27. and i bet that took you a long time. And you ran, a lot. And i also bet you understand that since you used an archer, you could atk from a distance. Something melee can't. Thus, your "solo with archer" is basically w/e

  28. I killed this in a 4 man party level 17s and 16s it was crazy hard…

  29. it needs skill you can't denie that though…

  30. it's not as heavy as you think my friends pc which barely plays minecraft runs this with no lag don't know how 😛

  31. Did they move this guy? I haven't seen him in a while. Or her. Whatever.

  32. go as a 4x+ toon killing 2x basilisks, you'll get tons of loot… its the time that makes it so hard, and when crafting at high level you can loot very fast very easy alot.

  33. 1 boss vs 5 ppl team ….. 20 min to kill the boss…LOOOOOOOOOOL

  34. This was epic, that sht gave me hard time back than 😀

  35. With the new avatar weapon I killed this guy under 10 mins lol 😛 +9 glass axe

  36. I need 2min to kill him with a level 20 character…

  37. hey Pyro do you play tera anymore? I have an archer it's pretty fun

  38. fun to watch, I wish bams still put up a fight like that these days

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