Tera Online - Antaroth's Abyss - HM / NM Dungeon Guide - teraonline.be

Tera Online – Antaroth’s Abyss – HM / NM Dungeon Guide

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  1. Special thanks to Conflict, he provided all necessary footage and even helped me a lot with the script ! Without him, this guide wouldn't be possible !Special thanks to Memaiva for teaching me how to pronounce the name of the dungeon! ( For not-native speaker, name "Antaroth" can be challenging! )Make sure to visit : https://goo.gl/txSC5x

  2. Weird… I've been looking for a guide for NM through Youtube but nothing comes up except a guide for HM. I don't know why Youtube never showed me this video? I found this from reddit but thank you for the guide!

  3. I'd point out that those are "crepes", not "pancakes", but whatever XD

  4. i'm arrived to see second boss and i'm already tired

  5. Those intro's are just anoying man…. just stop no one is looking for that random way to loud music

  6. you didnt explain the only thing we care for: how to iframe the donut. many players even say you cant. thousand runs and i still face tank it because i just cant iframe it. i think i once managed but never outer to in. how to iframe the out-to-in-aoe after the half circle blast

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