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TERA Online – All Classes Trailer HD

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A brief look at each of the eight classes available in Tera Online: Warrior, Sorcerer, Slayer, Priest, Elementalist, Lancer, Berserker and Archer.

TERA is the first true Action MMORPG, providing all of the depth of an MMO with the intensity and gratification of an action game. Players fully control their characters using the game’s dynamic battle system.

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  1. One fanboy calling out other fanboys … so much for the truth. Never trust fatalistic and "oh I am so sure" people, reality is much more complicated than that. No one knows what the future brings.

  2. I wanna make a badass dude…But the girls are so sexy in this game…Help

  3. can someone tell me the soundtrack that starts at 0:12 please?

  4. What a shit and anti-climaxed trailer… really doesn't encourage me to play :/

  5. lancer whitout horse where the hell is Cavalry its just lame

  6. dude … he wrote it 1 month ago. so yeah it is f2p now

  7. Can This Game be played in the philippines??

  8. It's the selling point of the game.
    no one will actually play this shit if there was no loli characters

  9. cuz most PH players are shit
    ask every NA/EU players why, and you will get an answer that somehow goes like this
    they lag like there's no tomorow
    they QQ like there's no tommorow
    they can't take a joke
    majority of em don't know how to speak english
    they're no different from BR/indo players

  10. Well, yes, it can be played. Oh, and don't mind the others =)

  11. Actually Majority in Philippines can speak in english deal with it.

  12. That warrior class seems pretty damn badass to me…

  13. To keep things from being TOO generic, they made that the slayer class.

  14. this game is tooooo slow to download like frozen polar bear shit

  15. Depends on what you mean by warlock but yeah, no necro
    Lots of MMOs don't have that class, kind of a smaller, more precise class

  16. warrior class is soo mainstream same as HUMAN race in a fantasy game anyway….

  17. I always chose mages idk why but SORCERER ftw

  18. pain in the ass to choose a clas… all so awsome

  19. to makes thing simple, choose the class that you're good at in another MMORPG! example : if you are really good with close combat and frontline, you can choose Berseker, Lancer, Slayer, or Warrior

  20. Damn.. no Assasin? I guess my best option is the Warrior Class then .. ^^

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