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Tera Online: A Whole New Game

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Our Hero discovers the reality of all budding internet relationships.

Lyrics by Hawful Performed by Shady and Corey Holden (Captain Lucky)

I can show you this area
Shining, shimmering, Tera
Tell me, slayer, now when did
You last meet a pro like me

I can teach you to fight
Just watch your foes and their movements
Dodging sideways and under
In this action MMO

A whole new game
A new MMO to explore
No one to call us noobs, and talk about their pubes
Or say we should stop playing

A whole new game
(Wait you’re a man?)
A brand of combat I never knew
(Every fricken time! I swear to god!)
But when I’m fighting here, it’s very clear
That now I’m in a new MMO with you
Now I’m stuck in this MMO with you

Unbelievable fights
Really uncomfortable feelings
Jukeing, Charging and Reeling
Making cute monsters die

A whole new game
(I think I should go offline)
A million billion mobs to slay
(I could help you get better)
I’m like an army of one
This is so much fun
You’re so great
This is the game for me

A whole new game
Every strike is real
spread my horizons because of you
Every quest feels better
I’ll duel guys anywhere
and if there is time to spare
I’ll make sure to quest all day with you

A whole new game (a whole new game)
That’s where we’ll be (that’s where we’ll be)
A gorgous sight
We’ll play all night
Just you and me

Check out Corey and his ladyfriend’s etsy page here:


  1. just by the lyrics I'm cracking up, and the vid hasn't even started yet.

  2. That was hilarious, keep up the awesome work!

  3. You deserve to win a Grammy for rhyming noobs with pubes

  4. This reminds me of Sweeney Todd : the evil barber
    and i fucking love that movie !


  6. Gay as fuck…. and also
    Amazing *slow clap* you guys are talented!

  7. That's been the plan THE WHOLE TIME!!!! Bwahahahaha~!

  8. It's just PAC MAN with better graphics WTF F this game

    (-3 tera)

  9. Grats on First Place for the TERA Contest! I enjoyed this and laughed throughout the whole thing! 🙂

  10. This was so funny, the gay thing make me laught.

  11. Man, I watched this last night. Today I have watched it like 7 more times because its STUCK IN MY HEAD! >__<

  12. horrible game played it and couldn't stand playing it for more then 10 minutes

  13. Congrats on winning!

    This had me laughing the whole way through. Good work!

  14. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) SO CUTE

  15. Congratulations on winning the contest! This video was very well done, really enjoyable!

  16. On the site. 🙂 You're number 1 in some list of awesome vids. You deserve the lead to; this is hilarious. 🙂

  17. My friend and I were going to level together but then I saw this. I realized that our characters match the video. I leveled without him because I didn't want to think of this song while we quested. I found myself a woman and quested while we listened to Make it Nasty.

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