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Tera Online / A Walk in Baldera

Alex Mc
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So….where to start with this one?

I took the chance of having a Classic Tera server to go in that legendary place,Baldera(from what I’ve heard It’s completely locked out in current Tera version),the remains of an expansion that never happened…the work of the”Original”,Tera’s developer team that left the company years ago,shortly after the Manaya’s Core / Argon expansion(Tera:Rising).

This place is…unfinished,unpolished(especially the city),there’s nothing there,not even ghosts…or are they?
I was originally planning to get some royalty-free background music for this video,but then I realized just how much fitting the silence is,the same silence I find in a cemetery,a place where something rest,sleeping or dead,forgotten or forbidden,locked away or just exiled…when you enter the city,which was probably called Balderon(this is due the existence of an item called Balderon(see ),which was the teleport scroll of the city),you’re greet with…silence,you can only hear the noise of the running water or your own steps…it’s creepy,it’s eerie,it’s mysterious,but most of all…it’s sad.

Tera was at its golden age in 2012/2013,you can tell there’s a clear shift in style in the game since then,this is due the aforementioned left of some of the original developer team,including art director(or so I heard),I can tell that this place resembles that old style,even in this unfinished state).

The area outside has a couple of outposts(haven’t got to the other one in the video),whose campfire isn’t even active(yes,even in the server where campfires still exist),so it was a full-fledged area it was just…never finished.

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  1. classic private server? was this the one tera eu had for a month, or a fanmade one?

  2. Sad indeed, I have the artbook that came with the EU collectors edition, and there's one piece of concept art of Balderon.

  3. I remember Baldera had NPCs originally. Just basic merchants. I still have a Baldera Teleport Scroll in my bank. Sad that I only have one and too afraid to see if it still works.

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