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Tera Online – 6 Classes Awakening Skills Video Show Full version

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Tera Nexon Online show 6 Classes Awakening Skills Video Show Full version 2018 , Gunner , Glaiver , Sorcerer , Archer , Ninja , Reaper
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  1. Genderlocked, unoptimized UE3 enginge from 2007 with flash based UI that bottlenecks CPU finally got some new animations. Meh …
    Tera is TERADEAD.

  2. Cool.

    Now… how about BHS make it so the game runs just as well for us non-Koreans, eh? That's be nice.

  3. This is useless without pvp and normal fps. People anyway drop skills animation for fps.

  4. Eu to delirando aqui socorro ahh amei demais esse update de skills novas

  5. Other classes looks ok but wtf man the archer is the worst. I main archer in the past then suddenly there's a gunner who out dps archer then on this awakening adds more charge up skill! Wtf? Can we get more love on the archer? Like ultra fast arrows or some sht?

  6. Sorc skills need serious buff. That blackhole skill has no crit buff to speak of and it's impossible to cast it after nova to get the crit benefit since the cast animation is hellishly long even with attack speed enchant (you'd want enrage dmg instead in most case too). I got to try the beta and sorc is the only class that feels as though it didn't get any buff whatsoever in terms of rotation, mobility, dmg output, and animation fluidity etc etc. Majority of the problem would be solved if these combination skills weren't tied to 15 steroid or have innate power/crit modifiers.

  7. Все, но не вариор )))))

  8. If u cant get past classes being gender locked or race locked… you are weird.

  9. Its depressing to see the game that required aiming and had unique combat system degraded to the point when blindfolded with smashing random keys in random direction can pull out decent dps… really sad. this is not the Tera I used to know.

    New players might like this game because it's (was) really beautiful game, but as an old player it doesn't give the joy of the uniqueness that it had in past , sorry but there is no way I would start playing this game again.

  10. pay to win/gender locks/op classes getting into dungeons easily in raids killed the game its not worth my time been playing it from 2012 till 2016 it was fun then it got super boring endless grind (if you dont pay to win) and finally when you get your visionmaker the new one is out and it starts all over again old classes dont get buffed slayers were the lowest grade classes barely any party wanted them (main was a slayer 2016) kills the mood of the game completely when you get bored you decide to make a new character lvl 1 and the leveling is soo easy doesnt even make the game challenging anymore take my advice dont waste your time on the game yes the graphics and combat are awesome thats what kept me playing for 4 years but its not worth it anymore

  11. Archer awakening seems so stupid.. I'm so sad for my main class that this awakening is not really" awakening" the class, they added by far like 2 skills only…and 1 of them has a long time casting..

  12. LMHO Archer one isnt a real awakening xd this is too low

  13. wth happen to archers awakening, seems boring imo.

  14. That Glaiver class can be played as a male char ?

  15. Que merda de jogo gastei 2 anos da minha vida para nada, so ellin nesse jogo cambada de punheteiros! Merda lixo de jogo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. It’s so sad that I agree with the people complaining in the comments, Tera is dead I couldn’t even go to a dungeon this morning, really a misfortune because the graphics and the combat system are awesome. I’ve been playing for 1 year and a half and I already got sick of it ;-;

  17. Any update on the release for the NA / EU versions? We are tired, and quitting because of the retarded meta, and absolutely broken class balance… I hope this might bring us closer / at where the imbecil op classes are.

  18. Play Darkdesert, at least they don't have lock gender.. 😋

  19. Game was cool, then Xigncode malware arrives and wipe half of population, farming system becomes 900% harder you need to play 24/7 if want something free. And now will be pay to win with talent systems also server merge. In all plataforms.people lost tons of money. If i were they I Just let the game rest in peace. Is finally over

  20. As always Gunner the most OP and beautiful graphical effects.

  21. Aw, nothing for the under appreciated Lancers? Oh wait they made Tanking unreliable due to expansions or whatever =_=

  22. Most of my guild, including myself, quit Tera after that whole spyware situation. This isn't bringing us back, En Masse and Blue Hole fucked up too much to us.

  23. I don't play tera right now, but that sorc black hole definetly seems game breaking…wtf

  24. short end of the stick is. take way to long to upgrade your gear an the cost is very high with low chance it would upgrade . game play is awsome . game guide's as in dungeons o how fights go are very lacking no details on the fights . o an there barely anyway to make any gold in the game . all farming was nerfed to the ground bam farming isn't good for anything. the combat system is nice . i really mis my brawler an my slayer but idk till they change the gearing system i think ill stay away

  25. As a healer main , I just don't want to live anymore

  26. I enjoy fighting in mmo games. A game which has good visuals and lacks totally in combat, is just worthless. I've tried many games.. bdo, ffxvi, wow, bns, dn and many more. By far, DN and Tera have the most satisfying combat systems. Tera has improved substantially over the past few years. There is constantly new content, pve-wise. Completing achievements is actually rewarding, which in many mmos is completely neglected. Leveling is fast, which allows you to enjoy the full content of the game faster. Its NOT p2w, which is the most important thing. For me the choice is Tera, at least till Lost Ark arrives. Thats if it does.

  27. Sad game, as soon as every class became the exact same (an aoe smashing flashy animation damage dealer) the game died. There is no class variety here, and forget playing it if you like playing supports.

  28. Is tera dead…for the Eu version ? And is awekening all about new skills or skill update gfx ?

  29. It's already October still no second awakening in tera NA

  30. I will always look back with fond memories…but in the hands of EME, this game is dead.

  31. K TERA still lively and good, but EU one is dead, i have no idea why, but EU servers are shit, thats why i always avoid to play in there, waste your time. name me a game where EU server is not shit ? it is also same with EU publishers, and unfortunately the community also , the player mentality as well , they quit easily, it is like you met someone today, and within next days they will say they will stop playing.
    advice for you all , never play in NA/EU server. either you play with Korean or no play at all.

  32. Idk What's wrong about gender lock, It's just ur own choice whether you wanna play the game or not.

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