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Tera Online 10 Things You Should Know with Commentary

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Tera Online 10 Things You Should Know

This video is in answer to various questions that keep appearing on the forums and in the comments section of some of my videos.

If you have further questions feel free to stick them in the comments below as I would like to make another similar video this weekend in CBT5.
Also if you have any other requests feel free to PM me 😉

This is only one of my guides on Tera Online, I have a guide/tutorial for pretty much everything Tera, so check out my channel if you want to see more Tera Online PvP. PvE, and Tutorial content!


Persephone by Snowflake.

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  1. ctrl zed I fucking wished I lived in the uk

  2. control… what? to remove interface? @@

  3. thought so c: why do people say zed in uk thats the french pronounciation?

  4. lol not sure 😛 I might be doing it it wrong but I've just always said it that way 😀

  5. naw just cultural difference not doing anything wrong 8D two different worlds~ also thanks to you for making your videos, the editing is really good and as a new player it's really helped me a lot ^^

  6. i didnt know about it either until i moved to canada, apparently only USA says "zee" … and portuguese speakers as i learned while comparing french, spanish and portuguese… everyone else either says "zed" "zeta" "zéde" or whatever

  7. What would you say would be good spec's too run tera?

  8. Hey,

    Well if you was going to build a pc now, something like i5 3570k with a good gfx card 560ti or 660ti. That will run it very well on max settings. Either the above of AMD equivalent that would probably work out cheaper 🙂

  9. All your video are just very well explained, I love that ! You just got a new subscriber 😉

  10. Haha thanks very much for the support Andro! 🙂

  11. god damn tera takes hell a lot of time to download and im inpatient Dx but worth it for graphics 😀

  12. Haha yeh man its takes ages 😛 have fun when you get in 😀

  13. i think there is a option to make looting locked until after the battle in the loot options which if your healer wanted to be an ass could stop healing in mid fight to loot if multi BAM lol

  14. Haha yeh thats a good option, happens all the time in the nexus 😛

  15. Its in the description under the video 🙂

  16. you should at 11, #11- you will meet a lot of retards who just can't do dungeon runs because they're so incompetant.

  17. wow wow wow wow….wow first person view? D:!
    does that means we can use the oculus (virtual reality glasses) to play this game?
    that would be so awesome

  18. Haha I agree with you so much! That would be amazing! I don't think I would ever leave the house 😛

  19. actually about the weapons stats , i was navigating alot and saw some crafted weapons with extremely good stats but are the crafted weapons can go better than conjunct or nightvision maker sets ?

  20. I was looking for some newbie help, and all i could find was gold farming and boss vidoes. Keep up the good work!

  21. I forgot everyone else in the world says zed not zee XD

  22. It's fantastically arousing in the best of ways.

  23. Thanks for the time you put into making this 🙂 Video was great and very helpful


    CAN I ASK.. IS IT AVAILABLE ON Philippines?

  25. Is this game worth playing? Been thinking about it but not sure yet

  26. I get really sick of people saying that this game is full of pedophiles… So people decide to play a character who looks like a little girl and suddenly they're a sex offender? Seriously people, get a life.

  27. I downloaded this game but it keeps 20 hours for it to download some data and I don't have time for that… I downloaded the game like 3 days ago and I didn't even get the chance to play it once! Can someone pleas help me with this.

  28. I'm new to the game, thanks for the effort you put into this video m8.

  29. loo lol loooo. why do you omit those T's????? =(

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