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Tera : Let’s Play – Gameplay Day 1 [2013] First Look (Tera Online)

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And heres a link to my facebook add me =)
Tera online or Tera call it what you want =)
So guys this is a gameplay and a let’s play for Tera ill be making a video for tera whenever i play the game so you’ll be watching me reaching max level and doing dungeons etc =D and i will doing commentary while playing the game
This is also my First look at tera


  1. Did anyone notice the comment"Josh is a pornstar, evryone wants him"?

  2. if u have played maplestory before it kinda like that, just cash shop gives u some benefits

  3. got here from a antvenom video. not regretting it so far

  4. i love your vids and i really hope that you become a huge youtuber

  5. good video ur a great commentator and u deserve to be up there with the best good luck on your journey we all start off small if u stick with it ull make it in no time 🙂

  6. You have a lot of Potent;al Keep lt up!

  7. Hey man I need to ask you something what's that thing called where the whole screen pops up please tell me

  8. not bad…bit quiet but I just turned up my sound to hear ya. Good vid, think i'll go home and check this one out tonight.

  9. Why does it take sooo long to download, makes me not want to play it e.e

  10. How come the link doesn't do anything once you enter your Birth date?

  11. I wouldn't recommend Castonic and/or Archer if you want too be different because they are EASILY the most played class i found this mistake out after i made one -.-

  12. this game is good, everything is free. easy to make golds too.

  13. Reminds me of a game…. WOW i cant remember

  14. The game looks kinda cool but that Elin race are ridiculous. Like fan service for paedos.

  15. Od course they are the most played , the combination of archer with castanic is the best dps in the game and pvp, since Castanic gives bonus critical change from rear damage and have a skill with in-combat move speed.

  16. please give me a good nickname for my character!I need it!

  17. elyos my friend and i agree with more of a variety for races which is why im moving to tera today and your video has helped me with my decision thanks very much 🙂

  18. either that or the fact they are the Blood Elves of Tera

  19. Icy Whats the name of the computer you have mine SUCKS it wasnt ment for good grapthic games Not even GTA IV thats srsly sad when i Love games

  20. this game is 35GB holy shit, lt's pray to god it runs smoothly

  21. +sidekickguy88 it's free to play with possible microtransactions that arent forced on you and are for almost 100% cosmetic

  22. "…the Aman…that kinda looks like satan" my thoughts exactly

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