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TERA In 2021: Is It Still Worth Playing?

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I finally decided to hop back into TERA after being away for almost a year. So in this video I am gonna give my reasons for why I have decided to move on and play something else. Its been a great ride TERA, and maybe someday I will visit you again, just for fun.

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  1. Still remember the day i got my first +15 awakened weapon. It was a nostalgia. Its sad to see my college years game dying. Left the game in 2016 cameback 2020 to check my outdated gears and most the people i know and the guild i joined back already gone. Like most of them,

  2. Finally! I've been thinking you weren't going to bother posting this last one. I was kind of hoping you wouldn't cut the stream until after the massive one shot from Kalligar 😉 Again, there were a couple yell at the screen moments…I wish I could have made it on a couple hours earlier the day you did this. There are some things to do with enchanting the gear they fail to mention anywhere, and I'm pretty sure you would scream after you found out. Big oof. I haven't played for weeks, I pretty much log in to get a couple free items, then log out again. The roll-out of the changes was handled very badly in my opinion. I feel they assume everyone looks at K-Tera stuff first, so they automatically know what's going on. I have to agree on the leveling part, that for me was really the only enjoyable part of it. Finding new areas, quest lines that had changed, new heroes. Sad to see you drop it, but at the same time, I'm doing the same, for basically the same reasons.
    It's pretty apparent from your uploads from other titles that you are getting far more enjoyment from them, so it only makes sense that's where you would want to spend your time. I think anyone who would stick with a game they're not enjoying is kind of foolish to be honest.
    Sad to see it come to an end, as I've watched from the beginning, yelling at the screen as you would make certain decisions, but happy when you would get it sorted out. I will still check on you from time to time to watch your Apex streams and whatnot, but as far as Tera goes, I guess it's goodbye, it's been a hoot, and have fun!

  3. The long long download time for patches is the reason way I play the game on console, to be honest I gave my self a break from the game for know.

  4. Steam is telling me 70GB…. For a game on life support… It's no wonder new players won't give it a go, 70GB is a serious space investment.

  5. Your last remarks at the end are so accurate it hurts… 29:42 was basically me in 2019, Just pull the plug, it was a fun journey… really fun… but all good things must come to an end.

  6. On console it's the opposite people enjoy the game once they reach high end gear because they can get ton of gold but for the new players it is poor you be playing for 24 hour straight just for 30k gold but with high end gear it only take 1 dg run to get 30k so basically for new players on console they won't stay for long and on console they won't even give you the high end gear if you leave for a while cause they dont care

  7. great video as soon as i saw the chance to fail and lose progression on gear i stop my install and uninstalled.

  8. Awe :c I didn't know En Masse shut down and I missed the migration deadline. I lost pretty much everything T_T

  9. The answer is NO with the current state of TERA. I’m veteran player btw

  10. I was thinking of coming back but looks like a naw for me games too big and just seems dead… also lmao they are giving away free frostmetal gear while it took me 4 months to get 2 pieces 🥲 WHAT THE FUCK.

  11. Was watching several videos to see if Tera is worth getting into in 2021, its unfortunate that a lot of vet says that its not worth it at the current state. As an active player from FFXIV, i feel kinda sad to see another MMO dying out. But such is life i guess

  12. Is the kaiator pvp server transfer to gameforge client?

  13. i've chosen bdo to start mmorpg in this year because the graphic was good.. but its too lag for ps4, its not playable for boss raid or something..
    is tera performance better then bdo on ps4???

  14. What is the best Steam or the Original Launcher ?!

  15. Steam or the Original Launcher is the same game ?!

  16. It sucks too cause TERA’s combat is so fun. I always keep up with the news but I don’t think I’ll come back to play.

  17. Does the PVP server still have battle grounds?

  18. I feel you. Back then upon seeing the migration, I opted to just let everything be wiped. Coming from over a year of hiatus, thinking even if I kept everything it'll be sad to throw everything away when do decide to come back.

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