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Tera Harrowhold 30 man Raid Phase 4 Lancer (First clear)

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This was probably the most honorable challenging experience I have ever gone through in Tera, my First clear for Harrowhold 30 man raid phase 4 (Dec. 4th, 2016). This was also AV’s first group to clear as well. I made a lot of mistakes like dying to fire walls and while having aggro, it’s not good to go too far from boss. Sowie about the wide camera view at that time. Somehow I ended up getting 5 stacks on aggro I think due to aggro bug. Things got a little weird there at the end, such as the dragon turning and we managed to stay calm and work it out. Also my ping wasn’t as great :c

I thank the friends from Independent Guild for letting me be a part of this honorable experience 🙂

Server: Ascension Valley


  1. Why is combat and boss fights such pile of poop in MMO's? Only VIndictus and PSO2 managed to be decent, but still a joke compared to masterpieces such as Monster Hunter, Nioh, DMC5…

  2. God all the smelly people after this oof

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