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Tera Gameplay – First Look HD

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For Tera reviews, videos, screenshots and more. Tera Online is a 3d MMORPG that focuses on action combat. It is published by enMasse Studios.

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  2. is there a way to make multiple chat boxes on this game to set certain filters to each or is it just one chat box cause that shit annoys me when spam comes

  3. this game takes way too freaking long to download the patches lmao

  4. this would be a great choice for Xbox one. hook us up.

  5. It's so weird. Playing the game on highest specs and it still doesn't look as good as some videos I see on here. Probably because of outdated laptop. Any thoughts?

  6. Warrior or Slayer?
    What is closer to an Assassin class?
    Or I heared there is a ninja coming out soon???

  7. Help guys… when i create my character and put my name i cant contine.. you disconnected from server check your internet conection.. how to fix that ? i have internet lol -_-

  8. I don't like the way the character turns left, right or other directions, it just instantly bugs. And there are some camera lags and its not only on your PC, they are in other videos of this game as well.

  9. Damn, I remember when the starting point was the Island of Dawn >.> This video brings back memories!
    Now it's a level 65 place, and it's all gloomy looking.

  10. Dude….shut the FUCK UP and just SHOW shit. You youtube wannabe asshats always talk too fucking much

  11. im just getting into the mmorpg genre, should i play guildwars2 first or tera?

  12. Não gosto muito de jogos ondes ad coisas demoram pra acontecer .

  13. why people have to add inappropriate things? seriously make the game clean for once!

  14. it,s like Archlord..all Free to Play but in the end for the good stuff must pay some money 🙂 I play Archlord almoust 9 years and still not got Armors or weapons etc,,like a player who pay money and play maybe 1 month :)) But i did make many friends to talk on Chat … 🙂

  15. This looks like a fucking WoWtard clone.

  16. When you try to copy World of Warcraft..but you fail miserably

  17. man im looking for an mmo but its always the same average mmorpg. i want something where the combat is sick and if you die you restart back to the beginning but you can save items up for if you die and you take less time to get back to where you were. like 3 months to get max lv but if you die its 20 days to get back. something like that. but a first person mode too. you can use shields and need to press button to block and there are different damage types and defense types. you can gain defense and lose a different type of defense to get negative and positives. so you get defense at the cost of weakness but you can get defense only sometimes. i just cant find a good game. like magic wands guns everything in the game. and modes where the game is also like a fps but the whole game you are always in danger. like you need to leave the game to be safe. theres no way to not be in the game looking at just a loading screen. ur player is still there but when theres a loading screen it will be grayed out and you can drag it in the corner while you wait. theres not really any safe zones. and sick features like if you get more then 100% crit chance it turns into an always crit and a super crit so 100% crit but the remaining crit will be called something badass but its still just a normal 2 times damage so 3 times damage of ur base weapon if you get the crit but ur damage is always 2 times because you have 100% crit chance. and you can also change your crit of 100% to 50% and 50% so you can get no crit sometimes and 3 times damage sometimes lmao. also you have crit damage in the game so base crit damage 100% but if you want you can convert crit damage to crit chance and back in forth but in a way that it will always give same dps. and make it so if an enemy has taken some damage you can make your weapon save the crit for later if you get it just to make farming mobs easy. just a smart damage system.

    tldr: i just want a cool mmo 🙁

  18. Slow down when you speak. You'll enunciate better.

  19. How did monster hunter world 'copy' this. They're nothing alike

  20. I came here to remember how it used to be now that.. It's gone..
    After 10 years, I cannot accept nor believe that they simply erased it all…
    I'm here, after ten(10) wonderful years in which I made friends, lost friends, met nice and bad people, I had a long-distance-relationship through the game.. I lived with TERA..
    How could they erase our history like this?
    I'm still speechless after two days..

    Long live TERA

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