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Tera Console – New Class Coming, New Dungeon & Leveling System!

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  1. First this might be interesting but its definitely 6years too late player base sooo dam dead can’t even q for pvp let alone a dungeon but great information nevertheless

  2. Dancer class who is open to all genders and races. please no more gender/race locked classes not even for lore reasons

  3. A samurai class would be dope or Templar or magic swordsman/woman

  4. Great news but sadly games died for console
    Now that and the dragon mount being limited to just a character instead of entire account was a let down when I got dragon mount from that egg. Like way back with the preorder thing

  5. i suggested a Gunslinger class to them a while back tbh.

  6. Ok new class cool but I want a new class and race and but make sure it's a class for at least 3 other races not just Elin I'm sick of the Elin favoritism here
    Race- Devans
    Class- Dual knife and tools Assassin

  7. they could add mentor/aprentice system, so old player get reward by helping new player
    and i always like summoners or necromancer class that could be nice to see

  8. Necromancer would be a great class addition,imho.

  9. A Necro type class sounds interesting but for goodness sake whatever it is, if it's another gender/race locked class, it's not gonna make much of a difference as far as player base & queue times go…

  10. Nothing that’s an Elin female castanic or female elf

  11. Есть русских играющих на Европе?

  12. I can’t imagine what the new class would be like but I’m excited for it, I hope it isn’t level locked like reaper is however that won’t be a huge deal for people who’ve been playing a while Altho when I was still a new player I wanted to try reaper so bad but had to have a level 40 char and I thought that was kinda silly

  13. Then me and my friend chose i decent time to get back into the game the guess-(maybe with pther friends too)
    After a year or 2
    With new characters for said other friends-
    Its gonna take abit to get to end game stuff though XD

  14. Right now it’s looks like Tera console is the superior version between this and pc once the new class drops and I’m hoping that this game continue to do well so we can get not just one new class but possibly 3 new classes by the end of 2023 however let’s just hope that they don’t fkn it up because Tera console is look surprisingly bright they just need to modernize or rebrand the game so Tera can become popular again.

  15. The game is dead. No matter how many classes they add, it's been dead for years now.

  16. Is warrior or sorc better dps wise

  17. Gunslinger class or samurai people like to say slayer is the samurai class but thats not true when people talk about a samurai class they mean something like vergil from devil may cry

  18. I hope they dont gender or race lock the class its also a cat race in game that hasnt been used

  19. I'd say some sort of Flight based class, one that actually kept in the air more using the Flight Suit or a Flying Mount. They'd use a spear of some sort and focus between Dps dive bombing, buff and Debuffs.

    Wearing either cloth or leather armor.

    No gender/race lock >3>

    maybe level requisite to be able to use it, to balance it's appeal as well as the fact it lends Flight out at start.

    A Rogue class which focuses on dps. Cloth armor, but a wide variety of evasive skills and high damages. Built into the class would be a set guage called the Plunder, which would be used in tandem with a variety of skills meant to reap gold/money (by a tiny percent of the first attack's damage) to raising the chances of item drops if the move is used to finish their enemy. They'd be a bit squishy, suboptimal for soloing, but in a party they could find an easy nitch by giving their party the ability to farm a bit easier.

    Their Plunder Guage would be built by their crits, similar to the Valkyrie's rage bar, and decline if it isn't used, similar to the Brawler's rage. The higher the bar, the more effective the skills which use it would be. Similar to Brawler, they'd receive an increase in their stats by having it maxxed out, increasing their crit rate and power so long as they hold it at their max, allowing them to get a bit of respect as a close ranged dps despite their lower defense.

  20. Bruh great video .hope the new class isn’t just gender locked to a female character .

  21. In the history of the reaper shows many different classes could be one of them because of what I saw there was katana some type of pistol and a short sword

  22. i know i'm late to the party .. but better late than never .. in terms of a new class i have a few ideas .. id like to see a class similar to the brawler but with boot style weapons and focused mostly on kicks and maybe be race specific to the amani as a heavy dps … or maybe a race specific class to the barok like a type of necromancer that has a different color shceme like molten rock and uses a long staff weapon and can act as dps or healer .. and summons a perminate rock based pet … or may be even a rouge class for the popori where they use nunchcu as there main weapon and .. or chain mace and hide in the shadows and act as dps … and last but not least maybe a werepup class for the popori where they shape shift into a weredog of sorts .. the main weapon being a club or mace … or even a whip .. and they have high aggro and high hp which would be great for tank .. just a few ideas i hope the tera team will at least consider a few .. thanks … love the vids .. keep em comming

  23. There are going to be PC players are going to be pissed about the new class being for console only.

  24. Dreadspire huh? You guys will have some fun x)
    I remember the queen fight. Loved it to bits, just like the original MCHM.

  25. How is a class coming to only one platform a "cool" thing?
    That's fucking stupid, everybody should get the class.
    I understand you're a console D rider but even you should know that's fuckin dumb

  26. Never got to try on PC but I'm downloading on Xbox looks like console version will live cause of changes to publisher

  27. They gave up on the PC version and now this……..sus.

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