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Tera Classic SEA Android Gameplay /Tera Classic SEA Gameplay / Tera Classic SEA Mobile Gameplay

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A faithful recreation of TERA Online, TERA Classic SEA delivers its predecessor’s well-loved elements to smartphones. An action MMORPG that puts emphasis on player skill, sense of timing, and positioning, the game combines stunning graphics and advanced Enemy AI to deliver a fast-paced, challenging, and engaging combat experience.

FULL 3D creates a super majestic magical world
Beyond PC original art quality
The sea is wide and the sky features stunning day and night change
It will also bring you a stunning visual experience on your mobile phone!

Face the enemy and defend the honor of the guild
Wild BOSS battles and guild brawls
Who will kill the BOSS? Who is the true victor?
Featuring 25-man guild vs guild PVP action
Come and defend the glory that belongs to our guild!

Three major PVP arenas:
Championship Competition, Glory Competition, and Fearless Battlefield.
From competitions to rampaging chaotic battles
Say goodbye to boring PVP, the three major arenas will help you satisfy your bloodlust!

Customize your character’s skills and abilities
Use crests, specializations, talents, and runes…
Attribute points are freely allocated, and there are different training methods available for you to choose
Define your role and create your own path to victory!

FIght with power and personlize your character
Hundreds of fashionable mounts, with wings of different styles
Wear the fashion items without clipping through your character!
Rich expressions and actions will also help interact with other players!

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