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TERA: Class Overview 2020 [Which class to choose]

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In this video I’ll give you an overview of all the classes that are available in TERA. I also address the question “Which class is the best one?”.
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  1. i'd only say, pick whatever the class you want to play, there is no "bad class" or "no bad tank" cause that only matters when it comes into very very endgame play (spoiler alert, all good players quit) devs made every tank and healer equal in a sense as well as well dds,
    or just don't bother with this game cause community just sucks in both mentality and skill level

  2. Just started playing mmorpg games (Tera) , and every time I resurrected, I'm seeing a "xxx has been/is resurrected" at the center of my screen. Is this a server wide announcement? If yes, is there a way to stop broadcasting it? I imagine myself dying every now and then on this game.

  3. there's no such thing as the strongest class. Its all up to your ability to dodge and do good combos thats it.

  4. new player here, im between slayer and brawler for dps, what do you think?

  5. Maybe it's different for PC I'm lancer I had a choice of any weapon mine has two swords one in each hand and I can only choose female
    I'm on ps4

  6. There definately is an easiest class to be good on though. Cant say strongest but easiest for sure.

  7. why i cant play tera , im in vietnam and t download it from steam .

  8. I have always played mystic because leveling is really save and healing is my fav thing to do in mmos. downloading the game atm i have not played in years can't wait to play 😀

  9. Having a hard debate if I wanna play either Sorcerer, Gunner, or Archer for DPS. (Maxed out Brawler already and I love my Punchy Boi very much.)

  10. Some info is useful but majority is just something you can google or find out on websites. I hear Tera died not too long ago. Too buggy or so I heard from old players.

  11. Haven't played tera in years but the gunner class still gets me hype af

  12. I know its stupid to ask, the more when u overwiev classes… But after 2-3 years I plan back to Tera ( now as casual) and I cant decide between Warrior( I mained it when we needed to pay monthly for Tera xD) or try something new ( Im thinking about Valkyrie/ Ninja). Any suggestion in this stupid question? 😀

  13. the shittiest thing about this game is this "gender/race locked" bullshit

  14. I'm trying to decide between priest and mystic for a support class. What I got from the video: priest focuses just on healing while mystic utilizes other support skills along with healing but to a lesser affect than priest healing.

  15. me and 3 friends are starting this game is party gameplay good and what classes combination do u recommend ?

  16. Is population on consoles better then pc?

  17. I’m downloading this on Xbox? Any help for a beginner ?

  18. Well, almost in every update the best classes are the same, as tank Lancer if you want to support the team, Brawler if you want easy dungeons since you don't need to worry so much about the block part, and Warrior if you're veteran and you know what you're doing, as for the healer both are pretty good and different so choose whatever you want, as for dps, Warrior is always in a good spot same for Reaper and Berserker, then Gunner and Valkyrie are amazing too, the first 3 positions are always changing between that 5 classes all the time so whatever you pick from that 5 classes you're safe with the dps role, Archer and Ninja are mostly trash dps and Slayer is amazing in some patches and trash in other patches, but never worst than Archer and Ninja, as for pvp, it depends a lot of you as a player, but except for Berserker and Gunners the rest are just fine, the Reaper and the Valkyrie are strong af if you know how to play them. But like Yukati said, you should try all the classes and pick whatever you feel better for you.

  19. Anyone know best dps? Sorc or warrior?
    Which is best in pve 🙂

  20. Why can elins use every fucking class it's not fair

  21. I really like your video. Out of every mmo I've played, this by far has been my favorite. I really enjoyed how you turned the Meta on its head and push for innovation, it's my personal belief in gaming to play what you like and over come the short comings of whatever you are playing.
    Also it was good to hear a briefing on how these classes play, so any new player could grasp a better idea of what they may like.

  22. i hate MMORPGs where are always some little girls or smal pandas , thats just not authentic fantasy story , i woud like f2p mmorpg without small hentai girls and pandas , something like WoW

  23. Kinda sucks that the reaper is gender locked the armor for a dude would've been dope

  24. Let me help you decide the games dead don't pick a class your welcome

  25. Is a castanic good for priest? What’s the best race for the priest

  26. I just started playing and i ended up picking warrior… Is it stupid because I know warrior is Hard af?

  27. I deleted the first character I ever picked which I didn't even finish the tutorial. Can't remember what I picked but my second and current character is a Sorcerer. Absolutely love playing a Sorcerer. I notice I can solo bosses in the dungeons without getting wrecked or almost killed (in solo dungeons) and mini world bosses (Not sure if that is their correct title since I'm barely lvl 25) I also think the spells are pretty fun to use, especially the teleporting spell which allows me to avoid most bosses hits.

  28. Warrior Tank main here! The answer to 'Which class you should play' question can also be made easier by saying that some classes require lower ping to work correctly/better. For example, if you have high ping but want to play warrior, then you have my blessing since you'll have a pretty hard time in dungeons!

  29. No justice exist in this world because lolicons win again

  30. So which one of the classes is best suited for "hit and run" tactics wherein rely on dodging attacks and punishing the enemy? I've been playing monster hunter and I've been looking for a class that has similarities to monster hunter's mechanics to help me adjust on the game since I've just recently found it

  31. Between ninja and berserker which one would be easier to play since based on these replies you say the classes rely on player skill

  32. Immer noch mega gutes showcase

  33. I returning players my previous main character is DPS but now i look up brawler tank beome main. looking best dps is not important in the end need lot friends online doing dungeon. I recommend main character pick tank or healer then 2nd DPS. valk best DPS. if tera crossplay world serve that love it. More manpower psn and Xbox and pc play together

  34. I've heard that people hate on gunners. Is that true and if so, why?

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