So I played TERA in 2022.. -

So I played TERA in 2022..

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TERA. An MMO with arguably some of the best action combat. Great customization. Fun PvE and PvP.
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At the end of the day, TERA has the potential to be a fantastic MMO. The game still looks good a decade later. The combat is arguably better than the vast majority of titles present in 2022. Heck, it still provides a better action combat system than MMOs released in 2021 like Bless Unleashed. Astellia. Elyon.
And even with Elyon supposedly being the spiritual successor to TERA, this game just feels.. better. It runs better. It plays better. The world is more dull, and it feels like there’s less to do but given Elyon’s population issues, I fear TERA averages more active players after a decade than Elyon does after 6 months.
If this game had a competent group of developers that instead gave players what they want as opposed to catering to the every-declining whales, this would still be one of the top MMOs presently.
Kind of how RuneScape, decades later, still averages hundreds of thousands of active players every month.

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  1. Tera is a tragedy due to its greed. BlueHole studios is/was criminal in their scummy loot boxing and treatment of players. ALL good games focus on the game play and not raping the players of all the money they can steal from them. Very little of that now.

  2. i think that part of Tera's down fall was the shutdown of Enmasse.

  3. I also left at that time during the server consolidation period . I started in 2013 during the beginning of the "Fate of Arun" it was fun then once I got the hang of it and there were Players everywhere even leveling so you could make instant parties for tough spots and the Ques for the leveling dungeons were pretty fast during primetime hours. In fact when I first started they had Hi level Healers that guided the dungeon runs and told us what to do. they were Debuffed of coarse but they made the first dungeons far less confusing and the Leaders got paid gear or subscription vouchers. very nice. I was in some big guilds that the guild managers really took care of. The best was "Snow Bunnies" which was huge "before the guilds were limited to 100 members. the early game allowed 500 guild members and they had meet ups and even an activity web page A couple Asian girls ran it and I guess it was practice for college IT but it was really fun. I also joined several other non elitest guilds who were very active and required attendance after the nunber was reduced ti a hundred. That was a big problem simply because we needed a core of players who could do a few dungeons every day. Good managers and active officers made a big difference for the guilds. It was sad when the server cosolidation made the game start to fall apart. it would still been a great game if the developers han't kept on ruining it Sigh! TERA RIP

  4. i have over 10k hours in tera, no other mmo is quite like it, for both good and bad reasons, but itll always be my favorite

  5. With all the buffs and freebies you can grind 1-65 in a few hours. Get them all to 65 and the end gear rinse repeat ez

  6. Wow where to keep up on the news there buddy Terra is shutting down in June

  7. This game is way to late . En masses fucked up so bad especially with lackluster story dungeon was so boring

  8. Try playing on console, its more fun, i think you gonna have some fun playing The end game dg

  9. coming here again since they decided to shut down the servers finally 😭 idk what ima do when it's gone…

  10. This game is going to shutdown tomorrow so play as much as u can

  11. For all it's flaws Tera IMHO was one of the best games out there, Outstanding artwork, one of the best combat systems ever; an engaging collection of classes. And for me it is so sad today was it's last day. I feel like putting, "They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot" on a loop for a few Hours. Just say'n.

  12. “Even if we painstakingly piece together something lost, it doesn't mean things will ever go back to how they were Berserk”

  13. I like old tera the classic one but bad they make tera classic pvp iam not fan pvp really , and they change alot it really bad.

  14. TERA is one of the my entry to reason why I have been playing MMO's, I watched my brother played Ragnarok back then, then WoW, so growing up I wanted to play an MMO and TERA is one of the only MMO that kept me going once went F2P.. I'll miss you my lancer, Eldrid. Glad to say, friends I made there to this still plays w them to this day, tho we switched to FFXIV.

  15. don't worry bro, your complaining got it taken offline.

  16. god this is depressing…I used to LOVE this game…had every class max level and even max leveled some of the classes multiple times when I would replay when I had a new friend join. great combat system too. I really miss it, but there's just no point in going back to it now :/

  17. Healing was my favorite thing ever. It's a crime that this game was treated like trash by its own company.

  18. really? i could kill the max lvl island monsters in like 3-5 mins… and that was with a healer

  19. Once upon a time (2009 till server activity dwindled) I played a "parent" game of this; Aika:Online. It sounds like the game had the exact same fate. The PvP was phenomenal in Aika, and it looks the same here. There were so many dedicated players; even though the environment looked like trash, the story line wasn't terrible, and the maps are fairly big. The dungeons were solid, and there was endless room for growth. Puzzles me to this day why it died. It was terribly pay to win(PvP), like everything nowadays. Many of my friends made the switch over to tera, not sure why I never did.

    I just googled tera and it looks like it sadly just came to an end 1 1/2 months ago. Wild.

  20. I just got in to it 4 months later
    On PS4

    There are still people playing it
    Mostly people who are just getting into it I think

  21. TERA's storyline was shitty by the very beginning.
    Like, there were little to NOTHING cohesive lore in the game. It was like: Go there, and there to fight that mtf and then after this met a insignificant character that'll never comeback after you, miraculously save him from, GUESS WHAT, the consequences of his own actions.
    Or even better: Get blessed by a big tits goddess to actually destroy living beings that are only taking care of their business.
    TERA was shitty.
    And the longer you played the game, more revelations of it's shittiness get thrown to the player.

  22. One of the few games i loved to pvp in, combat was fun is what people say, they are all correct. I quit when they added +20 and didn't put a cap on the tries. Spent 1.6m trying to 19-20, equivalent to over a thousand dollars in currency. They responded to my report with "working as intended" and i said fuck that and left for good.

  23. Black Desert is the game your looking for!!!

  24. The game was dead asf 3-6 months ago, but now it’s alive, and takes me couple seconds to get into a dungeon, I’ve been playing for 2 years and still live it, but everyone has there own preference, hopefully it’s as alive as it was in 2020, I’m on ps btw so it might be dead on pc

  25. Was disgusting eight years ago. Very enjoyable until you reach end game and you realize that the whole game is based on multiplayer boss fights that you cant, of course do it alone. Thats the game, basically. I dont like multiplayer i like to play some mmorpgs just interacting with people but not depending on a group of people to actually advance into the game. You had to literally study every single dungeon every boss, go to internet to find strategies to actually be somewhat prepared when you enter the dungeon with other people. If you go in blind, people start calling you everything, they even kick you out lol. That was ridiculous. Unfortunately this is an exclusively PVP and multiplayer game. If you like that, go for it, if not forget it. Also another thing i hated it, soooo many skills wtf. Why so many?? you reach a point where you basically dont have enough shorcuts on your controller to make a viable and ergonomic setup, so many keys if you use a keyboard…. stupid.

  26. When it first came out I'd 1 v5 ppl and wreck them. Which could never happen in a auto aim mmo like wow or ffxi

  27. I had soooooo much fun playing Tera. I played it for years..but there was a reason for quitting the game..i got boring and it was the same shit every day over and over again. Played a Lancer and was Rank 3 on my Server

  28. Terra just needs to take off that gender lock sht

  29. Sadly is ded, but still best on hard mode mechanics in dungeons

  30. This video absolutely breaks my heart… Primarily because I understand every point put forth. I remember the Island of Dawn. I remember Karascha. I remember the docks and the multitude of LVL60's everywhere across the island showing off the drip and recruiting newbies. I remember Seravi and the entire Lumbertown questline. I remember how the story quests were few and far between, balanced by massive rosters of side quests that actually felt worth it to experience and exhaust in each region. I remember Campfires and the Stamina system that encouraged role-playing and paced progression. I remember Paverunes and many other side items that serve "no purpose" anymore, according to the game itself.

    I remember the Steam release and getting irritated beyond rationality because all of the new dummies would constantly leave their loot on the ground, choking up the server and slowing everything down. I remember the massive cleanup sessions many players would organize to fix the aforementioned issue. I remember the company crossover and the panic it caused for weeks.

    I still play TERA every week or two, even if only for an hour or two. I don't want to let go of that absolutely amazing experience, even if I am keenly aware that the game that exists now is almost unrecognizable at this point.

    I just hope that when the end comes for console like it did PC, that players actually take the time to go around and memorize every inch of this breathtaking world one last time before going offline for good.

  31. You nerds gonna talk about Menmas Tera or what?

  32. Hey I'd stop playing to if my main was a gunner.

  33. The story is you save velika, but 1st your to late so Velik sends us back in time to track down and kill a dragon before it attacks the city thus reaching end of main quest and getting title from the future

  34. Bless Unleashed is Dead, is this game worth playing?

  35. I've heard there are private servers. Are those any better?

  36. All I remember about this game was the amount of female gender locked new classes that was so unbearable.

  37. im sorcerer main, sorcerer is the class to choose for it's damage

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