Should you play TERA in 2021? -

Should you play TERA in 2021?

Josh Strife Hayes
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Ahh TERA, potentially the greatest action MMO ever made, brought down by questionable character design and stagnation.

It had nice flashy dungeons but very little else, plus the less said about the PVP the better.

TERA wasn’t terrible, but it’s definitely past its prime, it’s fun for a few hours but won’t hold your attention for months, it just don’t have the depth.

Plus, come on, Elins. stop it.


  1. it's so sad how the game haas stagnated. Tera has really been the only mmorpg I enjoyed for a long time

  2. The combat for this game is top notch, not sure why the playerbase is as dead as it is. Even back a couple years ago when i tried it, even then at least for pc it felt like a barren wasteland.

  3. Tera, Rift, and Aion were my favorite f2p mmos and it's so sad to see them dying

  4. "There are 2 players logged in on Steam, and one of them is me" lol

  5. Actually just started the game a week ago ! And yea..the combat is amazing but u rly just outlvl everything ! There are quests in the area u get to after the " tutorialarea" ..and its from lvl 10 to lvl 15..but when u leave the Tutorialarea you are alrdy far above lvl 10..its strange 🙁 And i would really recomment to do the yellow quests ! They are a lot of fun and u rly get to discover the different maps and areas ! If u just follow the main story u legit just see half the game and reach max lvl after 2 days of playing :/ The people that ive met so far are all suuuper kind and fun tho 🙂 amazing community !

  6. No other MMO did action combat as well as TERA, but the game really really showing its age now. It's just a shame that when it does close down there will not be anything to fill the void of great action combat.

  7. Oh man , Tera….
    I use to have an Gunner , Ninja and Priest all 3 Max Gear between top 10 on the server , doing Dailys and Dungeons on every single caracter every day , the game was nice and there was lots of ppl but I quit playing like 3 years ago , even if o go back now I think what they give you from max lvl it's better then my Top Gear wich was back then…
    Playing Kuma and CS…sweet memories man , to bad cuz they destroy the game…

  8. Ssssssssssssssoooooooowooooooowowowo7373838 says:

    I don’t remember every playing this once but apparently according to steam I have 50 hours in it wtf is going on lmao

  9. I remember playing Tera when I got out of college and lived with my mom for a while. The pvp game stood out because I played Lancer and everyone was always cussing me out because I wouldn't help them up a ladder. Rip healers to same abuse.

  10. Half naked females and lolis race. Typical… I wasn't impressed with Tera at all, the graphics were okay, the story completely forgettable and the characters gross or ridiculous. Ah yes, and it was laggy too everytime I took the transport method, and it seems laggy in the character selection as seen on this video. The only good thing about this game imo was the combat system, which is found in Gw2 too, so better play this game instead.

  11. honestly thank you for making this video, I'm glad I downloaded this today. looking forward to slaying some monsters

  12. My only memory of this game was playing drunk, then running into a guild called the Communist Party of Arborea,

  13. Seems like a game for 9yrs old kids with these skins…

  14. For me was the tipping point when they changed gearing system to upgrade only.
    It was nice to get into the game, get the casual gear and be able to join all dungeons for the hunt of the better casual gear, while the hardcore players did the VM path.
    Now everyone is forced to do these extremly expensive upgrades and new player need to farm lower dungeons to get decent gear. But you often get left behind in these dungeons because no one wants to deal with your low damage.

  15. bruh this is off topic kinda but does anyone know how I can fix my freeing Kaidun mission? I killed kaidun first because I thought I had to but after I killed the other boss, the camera told me I had to kill kaidun and since I already killed him before, he won’t respawn and I can no longer finish the mission. Please if anyone knows how to fix this tell me…

  16. I gotta say car mounts never make sense in fantasy rpgs where cars don't even exist.

  17. My data got erased…i had no idea it closed and my laptop crashed during that time. My 65 slayer with entirety of Storm gear 45-* Ilvl and i cried….until i played the PC and have 5m gold… lvl 40+

  18. I only played this a little, like maybe an hour or two, something felt off about it (or maybe it was just the WoW addiction at that time). Anyways, I love some of the character models (not the lolis :P), I think I made a Castanic. Great visuals, but I didnt find the game particularly fun or engaging

  19. What is the best Steam or the Original Launcher ?!

  20. Smaller the hitbox better chance of evading enemy hits it's always the case.

  21. not me playing tera as a child with my sister and loving elins because they are cute, childhood ruined but tbh I had it coming

  22. Is it still worth of playing? Or you have any other recomendation ? Btw, Great video! Cheers!

  23. Should you play Tera in 2021

    I'm glad it died, it was clunky, annoying, overly blasted with the weird Asian items from the shop, that usually scream "kawaii" or "am quirky" or "look at all the money I can spend to break your immersion"
    overly sexualized females and to some extent certain males as well
    played as a female character
    starting armour looking alright …. okay!
    so I kept playing and when I reached level 15 or 30 (don't exactly remember) I got new armour to progress through levelling of the game and it looked like I was wearing LESS that what I was wearing before
    WHY ????

    dungeons are kinda dead, the raid system I used to play can no longer be queued for, I tried ….. we couldn't get the 25 people that is needed for the raid, and I believe it was the only raid to begin with ….
    crafting was confusing and I eventually just dropped it
    I can't ever remember there being any story to follow through with quests

    all and all …. I think people are better off playing WoW or any other MMO
    even better, on the side of this video I got a recommendation from a different channel "nerdSlayer Studios" with a title on video "Death of a Game: Tera"
    I think that one says it all lol

  24. Me and my friend re-downloaded the game back! Still very fun.

  25. I still play Tera because of combat mechanics. Couldn't play FFXIV even if they paid me…

  26. I have to draw the line at lalafell in FF14. Everyone needs to have minimum standards.

  27. the whole flight zone is so stupid lets be honest

  28. The Gunner has the most satisfying roatation of any MMO I have played.

  29. I just here to replace Warframe because I was banned for no reason with no warnings…. why DE

  30. no. It is completly dead, play ff14 or classic wow

  31. If I’m honest, I’m ok if the game is dying, that just means I can battle on my own and feel like I actually did something on my own.

  32. Who remembers the days of running Manaya's Core Hard Mode. Game was amazing back then

  33. TERA, for me, died in 2018 when hackers using memeslash ran rampant and the using TERA Proxy and its add-ons basically became a necessity to stay competitive because no mather how skilled you were, there was no way you could compete with people running in a simulated 0 ping enviroment, enrage callouts and auto dodge scripts on.
    What made it worse is how blatant it was and how Gameforge never did anything to get rid of these people. You'd stay #1 on solo Ranked Time Trial Vault with a 20 seconds run for the entire week only to be thrown off the ranks 10 minutes befor reset by 10 people magically getting 8 second runs.

    Shoutouts to everyone I've met on my 6 year long journey especially Poporian & Johnyu for teaching me how to sorc and my year long static, guild buddies and friends Suszu, Bibel, Mija, Berry, Cedric, Bootmack, Plez, Kratir and Nyu <3

  34. Too bad the PvP is unplayable due to MASSIVE desynch

  35. played it at release. it was much better then. without that stupid over the top shop and items. played my elin warrior and elin priest to 60 and had a lot of fun. imo healing is awesome in this game. when they started to sell Maiden costumes in Lootboxes and Nascars Mounts i left the game

  36. man I am glad I sold my account for around 250 bucks while I still could and got out. Content became piss easy and the community was super toxic. I miss old tera and ofc have several fond memories of it but nowadays its a joke of a mmo.

  37. I played Tera a lot and I have the same feeling as you 😅 The only reason I downloaded it again was because I m nostalgic 😂
    Anyway, someone as the name of a mmorpg with as beautiful donjon fight but with some fresh air, like more than just donjon, win or lose and repeat?

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