Sapphire HD 7950 - Tera Online [ Max Settings ] -

Sapphire HD 7950 – Tera Online [ Max Settings ]

Catalin A.
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Overclocked GFX Card :

GPU Clock : 925 mhz – to – 1100 mhz
Memory Clock : 1250 mhz – to – 1450 mhz

Overclocked CPU :
From 3.2 Ghz – to – 3.4 Ghz

PC Specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 3.20GHz

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B75-D3V

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Dual Channel Kit Rev. A

SSD: Samsung 120GB SATA-III 2.5 inch 840 Series Basic

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB, 7200rpm

Graphics card: Sapphire Radeon HD7950 Boost Dual-X 3GB DDR5 384-bit

Power Supply: Seasonic S12II-520 Bronze 520W

Case: Zalman Z9

Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition


  1. why is there a GPU in your title when tera is a CPU based game just saying

  2. so ive come to the conclusion that tera maxed out looks different based on your comp specs.

  3. People need to understand that not al computers are the same, from going through the comments, i see people with really low specs asking how to run the game at max setting without lag, the answer is simple, your computer cannot handle it. Run it at lower settings if that's not good enough then go out and get a better computer☺. This is a really good game and i cant wait to get back into it

  4. Guys i have the same problem i have i5-4690, r9 270x, 8gb ram im having low fps 35 in special when im around 10 players like Velika or Highwatch  what can i do? i dont think i have bad components

  5. its not that he sucks, is the fact that warriors suck lmao. They have leather armour so remember to dodge all the time and dodge right after each attack you make if you can.

  6. There is something wrong either with these max settings(by the looks of it the lighting seems a bit strange) or with my drivers, cos i run FX 9590 at 4.7GHz with 2xR9 280X (well recently 1 cos the other blew up) and 2x8GB 1866 MHz Geil Evo Veloce CL10 and after the Fate of Arun patch came out, the FPS just crippled to ~30 from at least 90FPS b4 that. Even stranger getting that game in LOWEST possible settings doesn't help. Reinstalled my windows 3 times cos of that and no difference. The only thing i haven't tested so far is to try with SSD (yes i run a SATA 3 WD Caviar Black) but i doubt it's the HDD that's the problem


  8. what are the regions that are banned from playing this game?

  9. I play with the lowest graphic settings
    I wish my computer could run smooth with even average settings.. i need to get a new computer after seeing this lol
    looks great

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