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[OUTDATED] TERA: Kaia’s Soul Gear Guide Early 2021

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ATTENTION: This guide is outdated. Check out my guide for new gear:
This is a gear guide for Kaia and Kaia’s Soul gear. It also includes some information about accessories, infusions, option change scrolls, and etchings.
– Kevin Peeters said in the comments: “info on infusions and etchings is outdated, new infusions and etchings came out a while ago”
I completely forgot about those, but there are newer etchings than the ones I mentioned in the video. They are not as easy to get as energetic etching IV, but if you want to maximize your dps, then you might want to get those. You can find more information in the patch notes for patch 99:

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  1. info on infusions and etchings is outdated, new infusions and etchings came out a while ago

  2. Been thinking of coming back to the game after years of hiatus (back then IoD was still the starting area…) , but tbh it feels super daunting. Not even sure if my mystic carried over thru all the EU publisher changes…

  3. Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος says:

    I left the game 3 months ago not a lot has changed so far thank you for the update

  4. Nice video. A little thing, you usually can't use an unstable scroll if you already have 3 optional stats iirc. At least not on accessories.

  5. Thank you for these videos. As a returning player (from 2016 lol) your videos helped me out a lot!! 🙂

  6. Hello! Whos stronger in your opinion, gunner or slayer? And which one should be better for me if i have low network? Im using proxy and it shows me my avrage ping around 60-70! Btw nice video as always, greetings!

  7. if someone looking for mmorpg go play Albon online stop wasting your time looking for other mmos

  8. Hello, I came back on Tera a few days ago, and I got all the gifts containing the new stuff, but I fucked up when I was making space in my inventory.
    I only kept the Armor and Weapon and noticed later that everyone had different accessories.
    Is there a way for me to get them again ?

  9. Lost my account because I wasnt playing/aware of the migration. I had sooooooo much. 🙁 Gonna try and get back into the game tho, ty for the video.

  10. Thank u!!! Finally some one who remember of old players who wanna come back <3 when i go into game yesterday i was sooooo confused , so ty for this <3

  11. Is there anyway for me to upgrade kaia wisdom gear to lvl15 easier, the success rates are really killing me (T – T)

  12. Is kaia soul gear the BiS gear or is there still stuff to get after reaching that point?

  13. I came back to tera, last time I played was in 2019 and I have stormcry gear.. What shoud I do with it?

  14. The option change scrolls change the infused stats or the base stats?

  15. 5 years ago imperator set a huge thing, now I will start all over again.

  16. i cant use option boost scrool to add 3rd option to my armor 🙁

  17. Hey, is there still pvp gear and if this is the case what gear do you use for open world pvp?

  18. Hey, can I use the boost scroll until I get 3 stats? I have only 1 additional stat in my kaia soul weapon but it came out very good, so I didn't want to roll that :c

  19. hey, what should I do with kaia gear farmed from chests ?

  20. I’ve heard some players say it’s better to stay at +15 until you have enough mats to +3 kaia soul, is there any reason for this?

  21. this is an insanely helpful guide! i have learned a lot watching ur videos!! thank you so much YUKATI!!

  22. i've hit level 65 and i'm currently using kaia gear. However it has a limited time of 30 days. Is it because i'm going to encounter more of the gear later on? and if not how can I get it again.

  23. I'm glad someone still making a video about Tera… I used to play Tera on Enmasse and already transfer my account to Gameforge but unfortunately i can't play my account in Steam but only through Gameforge launcher. I'm trying to play Tera with fresh start on Steam and starting from the beginning. This helps a lot. Thank You..

  24. I got the kaia gear, it seems weak, i cant even enter 65 dg with it so used the blue one…

  25. I will have to watch this over and over, hard to understand in a way since I played on 2018 but I never passed lvl 65 and I just returned to the game (had to start from scratch a couple of days ago, lvl 57 right now).

  26. This is outdated. Now they don't use Kaia gears anymore. Instead you will be equipped with Incomplete Mahtnan Gears when you reach lv65. These gears are unenchantable. You have to buy from broker or collect Rare Mahtnan Gears in dungeon in order to upgrade to Legendary gears. The highest level now is mythical gears.

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