Online Tera Raids Are A HUGE PROBLEM! (ft. TheJWittz) -

Online Tera Raids Are A HUGE PROBLEM! (ft. TheJWittz)

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids have become a mess. As more people casually beat Pokemon Scarlet and Violet they are going online to do some 5 Star and 6 Star Tera Raids… and getting kicked out of them. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Raid Meta has gotten really bad. Irresponsible content creators and their hostile audiences aren’t helping.
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Getting My SECOND Legendary Pokemon Then DUMPSTERING 5 Star Raids


THE BEST COMPETITIVE POKEMON GUIDE! How To Get Competitive Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TERA RAID GUIDE! How To Beat 5 Star and 6 Star Tera Raids!

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  1. This crap is why I solo 5 and 6 star raids

  2. Iron Hands, belly drum, works for most all 5* raids…? Idk about 6* never done them, but like…all of this, from Verlisfy to the online gatekeepers, it's all silly. Who gives a flying fuck about what's good or not. Literally go play with friends, and if you have no friends to play, then suck up the fact that some people online are gonna be dicks. Like what the fuck, people are so fucking dramatic and extra nowadays 😂

  3. These people think they're going to be getting a 7-star Charizard later this week by showing up with a level 70 box Pokemon they just caught lmao. Good luck with that.

  4. Personally, I'm done with Violet/Scarlet. Trying to do any 5+ star raid online is just an awful experience. Sometimes I don't even get a turn to attack or it's so laggy things just happen and I'm stuck not being able to play the game. Once the shield comes it 90% of the time it's GG's as it takes so much damage to break it and you're being assaulted with debuffs and damage spikes it's like "why am I even here?". I have other gripes with the game like "why doesn't the game have the Arceus shiny sound and effects on world pokemon?" or "why do pokemon that aren't even around me show up on my mini map after closing my game map?" But not being able to even play the game during a tera raid which is endgame content is a deal breaker. Just gonna hang out and play PLA or SwSh to shiny hunt and EV train pokemon. Maybe someday gen 9 will be playable.

  5. first video ive seen from you and it just seems you really hate austin john

  6. I have like four ability patches. However, I have almost zero mystica. And yes, it’s funny you are making a video on this I had people run a similar stat on two different random raids tonight and the problem is they got them down till about a quarter maybe a little bit less health but then can’t take down the shield before time.

  7. You actually can't make this s*** up you make this video on how online raids suck right now because everyone's doing these different cope 1 shot strategies that don't work in random online instead of just getting diff mons and stuff. But then a day after this video a new strategy pops up of people literally throwing !!! losing on purpose!!! which trolls if you're the host so now no one wants to host !! It somehow got worse a day after you made this video that's insane xD

  8. I'm not a fan of you verlis😔😅 but damn I respect you for telling people straight up how it's like

  9. The thing is I don’t have much time to spend on Pokémon everyday. So yeah it’s good to play with people who have good meta mon so you don’t waste time losing. I don’t see the point of bringing a shitmon not lvl100 and not maxed. If there is a meta the noob can join and still be useful.

  10. Weird question…. but does "spite" still exist as a move?

  11. The Tera raids are currently hot garbage. Any time I try to do one, people keep picking poke. On that are weak to either the Tera type or the Pokémon's original types. This is especially true with people just using their box legendary, even if it's against a fairy Tera type, or a pokemon that was originally dragon. I've gotten to the point that I just open up raids and cancel if anyone picks something that will just get repeatedly oneshotted.

  12. My biggest thing is people are picking mons that are weak to the pokemons original type, so they get 1-2 shot. Instead of doing something that is good but wont 1 shot the pokemon.

  13. Just did a 6* tera raid, killed the pokemon then it healed back to 10% hp and then we lost :)…

  14. Meta for raids? LMAOO like I haven’t been playing these games since 2003

  15. Tera raids are the worst thing ever. I kill things 7 times in 1 raid and it still stays alive. Such a shit game full of bugs.. but we still love it

  16. ngl, belly drum iron hands works, its the randoms that cause the raids to fail because they die on the first turn.


  18. the thing is tri helping hand is better because the 3 purrserker screeched the first turn to lower defences as much as possible while the 4th did swords dance making it so the second turn tri helping hand would do damage because of the -6 defence the +2 attack and tri helping hadn and iron head do most damage possible

  19. I've been playing since the game has came out, and I've never had an issue with online play, I do random raids for at least an hour everyday, I win some I lose some but never get frustrated. I try to adapt my strategy if I end up picking the wrong pokémon the first time. The games meant to have variety and different play😊

  20. They just need to nerd raids a bit. The enemy gets 3-4 attacks against every player per turn

    And for the record Iron Hands is great for steel types. Absolutely wrecks em. But so does any high damage fighting type.

  21. Tera Raids are easily the worst part of the game for me…

  22. Somehow doing raids solo with NPCs yielded much higher success rate for me than when joining random raids online.

  23. I can't even join a raid. I'll see one for a mon I don't have yet like Scizor and even if I just refreshed it'll say unable to join. This game is shit.

  24. Gardevoir I noticed is a Great Support pokemon in Tera Raids 5+

  25. I’m not defending toxic players by any means, but isn’t a large part of the problem also the way these raids are structured? I can’t seem to win any 6 star raids and i even struggle with 5 stars unless I’m using Azumarill or Iron Hands. I feel like Game Freak really needs to restructure and better balance the mechanics of Tera Raids. It would be nice to build teams I want and actually be able to stand a chance.

  26. Glad someone said something about AJP. I've had many things over the years spoiled by him just based off his thumbnails. Why not just hide/block his channel you ask? I probably should have but I just always forget every time and by then the damage is done

  27. to be fair its frustrating dealing with people bringing pokemon that are weak to the raid boss and guaranteed to lose. I think the prevalence of some of the videos suggesting specific pokemon have been frustrating iron hands is not the solution to all raids.

  28. They should really make these raids easier to beat honestly if you dont have a meta raid mon its gonna be almost impossible to beat the 6 star raids which is why people get upset if you join with a random pokemon and dont know what your doing

  29. I just use my team and it's worked wonderfull

  30. These raids are toxic and broken, dynamax was bad but this takes the diabetic cake

  31. My "favorites" are the people so obsessed with not "carrying" or helping someone that the second they see someone make a mistake or choose the "wrong" Pokemon they instantly change their Pokemon too and / or start throwing the fight.

    They would rather see others fail than see themselves succeed. The Pokemon community is toxic af.

  32. Literally unplayable, get paired with trolling morons everytime who just due intentionally. These games are just made to sell merchandise I am convinced. Such a joke

  33. I think 5 star raids are too hard for casuals doing random. I say make 6/7 the hard ones with better rewards and leave 5 a bit easier with a lower chance for the good items.

  34. Finally, a mode that breeds more toxicity than TF2 MvM.

  35. Damn the meta is ruining the raids…

    Just let me use my Hatterene named sandwich in raids….
    I. Don't. Need. A. Perserker. For. The. Stupid. Meta. Let. Me. Use. My. Sandwich!

  36. Wait. There's game chat?
    How are people getting "laughed out of raids"?
    Last I checked, there's no communication.

  37. I hopped in a raid for a Scissor. I crap you not, I used 1 status move, and all of a sudden Scissor is at max attack, shield up, 1/2 timer, and all 3 other pokemon are dropping like flies.

    And on turn 3, we're blown out of the dungeon. I didn't even get to get a hit in, let alone see the death penalty timer.

    This mechanic is…not it.

  38. I've been trying to use skill swap pure power Medicham also using Acupressure in tera raids, if I'm able to I can get some good results with people if they don't use a paradox pokemon (and skill swap there abilities, at first thought they had an ability shield haha) haven't tried 6* raids with him yet, but the 5* are fun to try, I had raided with someone's lucario who was using ice punch so I gave him pure power and I Acupressured his attack up twice and for some reason he ice punched me and froze me lol

  39. Asking people to have turn perfect inputs is garbage.
    I'll have a perfect internet connection, and the raid will still bug out and freeze on a menu and not let me pick anything for 3-4 turns.
    The online system programming is trash

  40. And forget being innovative. When any one thing goes wrong, you're instantly a pariah that "doesn't know how to play Pokémon"…. When I've played since pokemon Red… Yeah, okay 🙄

    Not sure how much longer I'll be a Pokemon fan when this sense of "community" is all that I can expect. I thought the big appeal to these games is to use your most favored creatures

  41. And if I wanted to copy a freaking template, I'd just stay at work instead of wasting my time and money on a game that I no longer feel welcome to playing.

  42. 4:01 You can get a Galarian Meowth, which evolves into a perrserker, by doing the language class then interacting with Salvatore.
    P.S. Screw the Meta it's super dumb, that's why a lot of people play solo, there is a few guides out there that tell you the best Pokémon for 5* – 6* tera raids, my favorite being Osirus.

  43. I agree a lot of these sets are bad hex gholdengo is just stupid I've always used shadow ball make it rain nasty plot and recover and I've had great success (I always play offline) I've never seen the raid mon keep its status for more than 2 turns iron hands is great but sitrus berry is much better than booster energy ceruledge has also been really good (basically if you want to grind raids do it by yourself you'll get much better results the amount of times I've had people screw me over during online raids is ridiculous)

  44. Hahaha amateurs, i have just built an insane revavroom set for Tera raids, i would say rev has become a physical gholdengo on raids. You just have to give him shift gear, screech,Spin out and poison jab and just with that you Will shred certain raids if you are too lazy for gathering gimmighoul coins. And dont forget to give him adamant nature, Max attack ivs and a metal coat. Comentar if this set was useful. Thanks!!

  45. Raid ranks similar to splatoon salmon run ranks

  46. As someone who 1st 3D Pokémon . I tend to with most Pokémon games just finish playing after doing elite 4. They teta raid feel like I’m needing Warcraft Mythic raid level of under standing sorry no thanks. Terra feel bad implementation On Nintendo part on thatch folks how to play in high star raids.

  47. coming from a person who gets limited time to play due to having a full time job and kids on the way, i HATE wasting my time on these stupid raids. kids or not, there HAS to be a solution other than downloading discord because of the toxic mentality in them. there is no winning. after 20 years im giving up on this series during EACH release more and more.

  48. We need to go back to dynamax raids with just shorter timers

  49. Austin do be coming out with oops videos all the time too😂

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