New FAST Solo in 1 Attack ANY 6 Star Tera Raid GUARANTEED Trick - Best Pokemon Scarlet Violet Build! -

New FAST Solo in 1 Attack ANY 6 Star Tera Raid GUARANTEED Trick – Best Pokemon Scarlet Violet Build!

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A new OP 1 attack only best Tera Raid Pokemon strategy FAST! Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay or Monster Hunter World Iceborne gameplay? Today neither! Today we talk Pokemon Scarlet Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet gameplay Pokemon Violet gameplay as the new 9th gen Pokemon games have been revealed with new Pokemon Scarlet Violet Rare Pokemon Best Pokemon evolutions as we revealed our Pokemon Scarlet Legendary Pokemon Pokemon Violet Legendary Pokemon Scarlet Violet Legendaries Pokemon Violet Scarlet Guide 7 Star Tera Raid Charizard 7 Star Raid Dragon Charizard gameplay update patch guide Scarlet Violet best pokemon Charizard raid Azumarill Belly Drum set up build Pokemon Scarlet Violet Ver. 1.1 Update Patch Scarlet Violet 6 Star Tera Raid one shot best Pokemon strategy farm guide Annihilape Rage Fist competitive set up guide Herba Mystica Ability Patch XP Money farm level 100!

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  1. Not guaranteed at all, bellydrum Iron Hands works way better
    Problem here is, after you did all that set up, most of the time the raid boss nullified your stat changes or his own
    Happened to me in like 4/5 raids, not worth building at all

  2. This build has worked about half the time for me, either it gets the shield to quick or it nullifies my stats changes before I can even use em

  3. Would not recommend, it's very luck based, you basically have to hope the opponent uses a status move at the start or else your Annihilape is already at half or even lower hp. Leftovers barely heals any hp and Bulk up doesn't help against Special attackers

  4. If i do that the Pokemon can be "ko" but the game said no and the Pokemon activ is shield and have half life again 🙁

  5. Do not waste your time on this. Maybe it works if you go in with just AI partners, and if you have really good RNG on your 6-star raid spawn, but this just doesn't survive any amount of real world use. I tried to make it work for 2 hours and it just doesn't happen.

  6. A better strat: shell bell, ragefist 3 times, terra ghost, ragefist until dead. AFK Tapping A = 95% win rate. Most likely quicker than this strat too

  7. I've beaten a few raids with this annihilape, but this strategy doesn't usually work

  8. That one punch satisfied my eyes as the opponent keep uses status moves

  9. So i conclude espeon elecTara is still at the top base on the solo strats pkmns im seeing. Aight

  10. I found one. Draganite with the bug terra type after 3 dragon dances it sweeps. And it always sets those up. Broken unbeatable raid.

  11. Great video, quick question I've used 2 ability capsule and reset my game cuz I got the wrong ability both times

    Is there a method to getting the right ability fam?

  12. I was already doing this bro but thanks for sharing! This thing is a beast! I use Metronome instead of Leftovers though because the leftovers animation really drains the time down

  13. Great now i have a shiny

    Iron moth, Iron hands, azumarill, and innihalape

    All tera raid built.

  14. Good build, but has some issues when there is a lot of time tick-down due to idle things. Leftovers, grassy terrain, Goodra's gooey going off every turn ate into the time to the point where by the time I had the 3rd screech up, he removed all debuffs before I got my first Ragefist off, resulting in a 75% HP loss rather than a 1-shot

  15. Seems like a nice strat but not what I am looking for. I wanna try and solo a 6 star corviknight raid with mirror armour who is tera normal. So while this seems nice it is utterly useless against that raid. Cause you know drillpeck/hone claws and shit. But might try this for others if Iron hands does not work.

  16. I built this exact same build used bulk up 3 times used screech 3 times and the attack didn’t do damage it did like 1/20th of its health

  17. Just never get an espeon ghost Terra lmao 🤣

  18. Dude why did you threw a Pokeball for a Shiny 😢

  19. I thought this was a really good idea but trying it out it's not that practical and you can't get it's hidden ability with the ability capsule. It's not possible like you said in the video….

  20. Why not get him to hold a Metronome for the sake of excess damage on Rage Punch?

  21. I can easily one hit the raid bosses, the problem is that they give a shit and regenerate half their HP back and put the shield

  22. Honestly this Pokémon is only good under specific conditions but MOST Pokémon have stats changing abilities that they use from the start. It’s pretty much just a lucky number

  23. I one shot charizard almost all the time but it glitches out and it wont die 😅

  24. Bruh getting crits 90% of the time with focus energy might be a bit better

  25. i would also recommend the metronome item as well for a more power boost to rage fist spam

  26. Just way too much set up when "nullify all stat changes" is a thing

  27. Flying killed me. Even fire did. In fact at bulk up 3 flamethrower still did over 100 dmg and was doing more than brave bird. I used some good resources making this dude super powered, but his tankiness was severely overstated

  28. What if you use Maushold to use bullet seed on Mr. Ape for 250 Power boost first turn?
    WHAT IF you use medicham to use skill swap to give Mr. Ape Huge Power to DOUBLE his attack stat?

  29. This does not work on all others you take this to flying type user and it will own it

  30. defiant is good, but i find that keeping vital spirit is good to counter the raids that spam yamn all the time

  31. How do I even get an ability patch if that's the reason i need it just to get them cause I'm having a hard time trying to solo raids

  32. I've just been using Koraidon and it's a MUCH faster set up for about a 1-4 hit kill on the 5* Pokemon I've used it against so far.

    Just use 1-2 Screech, MAYBE Swords Dance if you want, then just use Collision Course to take out stuff easily. Using Expert Belt makes you even stronger against Pokemon who are weak to you, since both EB and CC do increased SE damage. I've had almost no trouble at all between Flutter Mane and Koraidon, it's great. MAYBE I'll build an Annihilape at some point, but right now, I see no reason to since Koraidon is faster to use and I already have one built.

  33. Unless its a dark tera Kingambit 🤣 hes a great option tho for most raids. Nice work!

  34. Just did this with a level 75 Annihlape on a 5 star pallafin den, 1 shotted in when it had like 70 percent health YEEET

  35. Once S/V gets access to home, I'm going to be testing either aron or a level 1 Donphan (from Go), depending on if we get access to aron. Sturdy/Shell bell is just the perfect meme, speaking that endeavor doesn't do damage due to atk vs. Defense, rather it is dependant on how much hp a pokemon has over the other. Assuming Shell bell heals a lvl 1 pokemon to full, it's not going to be a satisfying OHKO, but it's going to be nearly impossible to faint the pokemon. No guarantees it actually works, but if it does it is the perfect counter to this sad excuse they call Tera raids.

  36. To anyone watching this (with ears bleeding due to accent) here is a valuable tip; the magic number is 28. If you have a pkmn holding a brace, you need to defeat 28 pkmn with 1Iv in that stat 28 times with a brace to max out that stat. There I made is so fucking easy.

  37. I run a Shell Bell and instead of Bulk Up and Screech i use Rest and Sleep Talk. It doesn't OHKO but it still does insane damage and is basically immortal (unless Sleep Talk RNG chooses Rest twice) while also not caring about stat change resets

  38. tanky raid with stupid ai, fun game , tanky = fun, for devs and i dont know why

  39. how do we deal with pokemon with mirror armor like corvanight where you cant lower its defence with screech

  40. got fucked in the first raid never picking him again

  41. screech works either 1 time for me or none at all during these raids, its always failing, is there a way to get it to work

  42. Is there a particular Tera Type for this or should we just not worry too much about it? Was thinking Ghost, just in case, for Rage Fist.

  43. I feel like im the only person who 1 shots a pokemon, and they still get a shield and extra health..??

  44. This is good until you find Staraptor that spam brave bird

  45. what if the raid boss removes stat changes on itself or on you? do you rebuff everything

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