Most Played MMORPGs 2023 -

Most Played MMORPGs 2023

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Nobody wants to play a dead game and that’s even more true when it comes to MMORPGs as half of the content in these games straight up don’t exist if there’s not players to group up with or compete against, So in this video we’re going to list the Most Played MMORPGs going into 2023, the MMOs that receive the most updates and are most likely going to maintain a solid population throughout the year.

For this video I WILL NOT be using any of the data from the website as this has to be one of the most misleading websites I’ve ever seen and the data makes no sense, look here for example, this donkey website says Ashes Of Creation has 30k daily players when the game literally isn’t playable, It says New World has between 250 and 450k daily players when we can see the data on Steam Charts that it’s nowhere near this number.

Most MMOs don’t actually disclose player numbers so I’ll be using various other metrics to help me rank the games in this list, The most important thing though is that all the games mentioned in this video have a large enough population size for you to fully experience the game, join guilds and beat the content.

What do you think about the current most popular most played MMORPG games going into 2023 Do the MMOs on this list deserve their popularity? let me know in the comments below!

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Most Played MMORPGs 2023 MMO list

Nobody Wants To Play A Dead MMO 0:00
SWTOR 2:37
EVE Online 3:50
Runescape 3 4:46
Guild Wars 2 5:50
New World 7:11
Elder Scrolls Online 8:34
Old School Runescape 9:57
Albion Online 11:15
Black Desert Online 12:59
Lost Ark 14:25
Final Fantasy XIV 16:12
World Of Warcraft 18:20
Does any of this REALLY matter? 19:49

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Most Played MMORPGs 2023


  1. FF14 should be #1 considering WoW is trash… but we understand that you got paid by WoW to say they're still number 1.

  2. I really enjoyed talking to people on Final Fantasy XIV, but I found the gameplay to be a little bit dull and repetitive.

  3. i hate its till all the games i have already played T.T the only reason the genra feels dead is because i play alone and nothing has rocked the boat in over 10 years

  4. So sad the level of MMO is so bad. All games in the list are literally garbage.

  5. having played every game on this list extensively, OSRS is definetely the best. but now being burnt out from it i struggle to find a game to fill this gap now

  6. No one cares about you complaining about a website bro.. 😂 get to the content straight away

  7. Lost Ark failed because they insist on making the game exhausting. If it was down tuned and polished for the west it would be a hit. But they expect you to play 10 characters just to progress on one main and put in 6h a day if you want any real progress.

  8. Bit of bias here. WoW almost doubles FF on most of the figures but ‘none of this really matters though’. Okay, then why did it matter last year when WoW had a blip and FF had its moment in the sun?

  9. You can't say Lost Ark is one of the most played when the majority of players on the game are bots. Were talking up 17 hours to get into a their 2 guardian raid because there are so few actual players.

  10. New world didn't claw its way back up from mixed reviews, it's still mixed. Only recent reviews from people would stuck around in that trash game are positive.

  11. Ide love to play Black Desert online again but my account got deleted since I stopped playing right before they moved their servers and I dont think I wanna restart my grind on this game. Good game though so long as they dont take ur account away.

  12. New worlds really should of waiting 6 months for release. I think it would still be maintaining 80k+ players if they did. That starting experience where everything was new and you could find parties to join everywhere was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had in gaming.

  13. As a returning BDO player with 3000 hours on it, I can say that playing it casual and not pressuring yourself with the grind is possible. Overall, the game is still wonderful and fun to play from time to time. I don't always play it anymore but it is fun to log in once in a while.

  14. I love how my guy says : this game has a one mega server from EU to Ameria to South asia Play together … excuse me, does Africa not exist for you ?

  15. You gotta get better sponsors. that one made me stop watching the video

  16. Oh I was wondering if you have a video on mobile games that are not pay to win that's open world

  17. Black desert was not very well ported for Xbox one s.

  18. The Black Dessert description was astonishingly accurate.

  19. Eso and Wow 🔥 I grew up on eso and I couldn’t recommend it more.

  20. Tried GW2 with some of my friends. It's so unimaginably boring, so many fetch quests and combat that makes me want to get a lobotomy. I have no idea why people keep recommending this garbage

  21. All thease games here are lame. Lost ark the most. Pay to progres game. 1k hours in it and im done. No good mmos around now.

  22. iam looking for a game like silkroad online

  23. I played Eve Online for about 10 years. I quit playing in 2019 when the Devs started making a lot of bad "QoL" changes. They bottlenecked a lot of currency making, reduced asteroid yield for mining(A lot), nerfed a bunch of important, isk making, ships, reduced incursion spawns(large group content), and made ratting(killing npc's for bounty money) more tedious. The people who thrive in the game now are running 10+ accounts and multi-boxing constantly. Sure it's still playable, a gorgeous game, and a PvP experience that will give you a rush like no other, but if you want to get involved in capital warfare and be able to replace 1 – 100 Billion isk+ ships efficiently then you're gonna need to put in a lot of time and money. This game is a job and its core is making ISK(currency).

  24. It's incredible how SWTOR still surviving against this giants

  25. ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░♠Black Rabbit♠░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂ says:

    I wish black desert had cool dungeons with big ass bosses. The game is so beautiful, I loved to just walk around and explore. But I couldn't get very far in to it (maybe lvl 50). If only it had complicated big bosses.

  26. I still remember when you shat on FF14 online because you boosted, got carried and had a horrible time because you understood nothing.
    Lmao good times ehhh

  27. I strongly recommend trying star wars the old republic. In eve online the average player has 1-3 accounts and a lot of people have 8+ so the active player # is very misleading

  28. path of exile this new league there were over 80k in quee to log in

  29. I've been wanting to play something again casually. I have new world so maybe I'll give that a try but I keep hearing great things about GW2. I played it at release and haven't really touched it since.

  30. Albion only made it to the list due to cross platform with phones. Game is not great but for those who like top downs and endless crafting it's all they got.

  31. Bdo isn't pay to win anymore. They give out free stuff very frequently. There are many Youtubers that do a fresh start series. For example fakeuni and choice. Fakeuni plays 100% free and does fine, while choice bought only the essentials for 60$ and reached the very endgame in 55 days. Check them out!

  32. I can't praise Black Desert Online's combat, graphics and extremely well done crafting/gathering/trading enough. It has the best of those three things hands down.

    That said, the P2P is too 'in your face' and the cash shop pushed so heavily it almost ruins an otherwise excellent game. I'm positive that in spite of their F2P offering there, in the end game it will take much more money to play than a subscription based game ever did due to the upgrades you'll need and the horrid RNG upgrading system. It's a good thing they have such fantastic graphics, combat, and crafting system because its otherwise absolutely predatory and must make more money than the richest country in the world. Then there are the many offerings in their cash shop that are so obviously nothing more than cash grabs you just have to shake your head. Aimed squarely at young men with the females wearing almost nothing and all in either princess dresses or loungerie with stiletto heels.

    These things ruin an otherwise excellent game. I might mention that it is focused on solo play, not groups.

  33. Black desert is good, but PA don allow Ukrainian players to play on Europe servers, only on rusia region. So thousands of players leave game including me, playing in rusian environment is a DISASTER. Same situation wing lost arc, they don't allow Ukrainians to play on European servers too, only on rusia region. So not so many options.

  34. all these games is trash compare to tera online.

  35. The best part is when I hear people that have NEVER played Wow saying as a reason they don't wanna try, I ca'nt with the graphism it's too ugly and old school. After seeing this video, Wow which is soon 20 years old is a million times more beautifull and high resolution then almost every others MMO in this list ( except for New World which is a 2021 game ) and will keep getting better xpac after xpac. It's simple it's and it always have been the best MMO out there and the only compagny who can be a threat to them is Riot with their MMO which is likely to not be out before 10 years :p So yeah long live Wow and I have no doubts that he will.

  36. Animation cancelling is the game breaker for me in ESO. It's just a bug that they can't fix without a major overhaul of the combat system, so they called it a feature. Why even make animations then? Combat just looks like a bunch of fucking epileptics seizing while trying to fight an enemy. Horrible, horrible combat system in ESO.

  37. Dont play lost ark, save your money and soul its not worth…

  38. lol lost ark and Final Fantasy XIV sucks so bad 🙂

  39. Just play Gw2 if you are an adult with a life and limited time , it respects that.

  40. Awesome list! Great games. You are honest about the data and where is comes from (or doesn't come from). all together, excellent commentary with great visuals!

  41. Avoid Black desert.

    That game is for no life people and banks with feets.

    Is not a joke when i telling you this:
    I see players with more than 200,00 hours just in grinding, pretty behind in the game.

    But why? Because the devs do not stop to increase the silver in game, nerfing the old zones and put pretty high the news. And reduce the item prices with events.

    So, if you do not play "meta classes" for farming and rise you main. Probably never gonna grow. But the important thing is this. You needed around 300,00 hours for have a decent gear for grind.

    And the people with the "afk life style" always is behind in gold, you gonna invert around 3/5/+ moths in old pen equipment.

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