MMORPG Tier List 2023 -

MMORPG Tier List 2023

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Everyone loves a good tier list, especially the MMO community because when you get a bunch of nerds together all with different tastes and opinions the results of such a tier list can spark heated debates in the comments which is fuel for the YouTube algorithm, in 2022 I made my first MMO tier list which many agreed with whilst others questioned my sanity.
This year we’re taking a different approach, a few weeks ago I put together a poll and got my YouTube community to vote on which tier each MMO should end up in, the first community voted MMO tier list, we got over 5000 responses in total and in this video I’ll share with you the results of this tier list as well as give my own personal updated MMO tier list at the end of this video.

What do you think about this 2023 MMORPG Tier List? would your list of top MMOs be different, do you think a community voted MMORPG tier list was a good idea? let me know in the comments below!

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MMORPG Tier List 2023

MMOs featured on this list
Black desert online guild wars 2 world of warcraft wrath of the lich king classic old school runescape runescape 3 eve online archeage albion online v rising lost ark new world elder scrolls online SWTOR neverwinter rift guild wars 1 lotro lineage 2 blade and soul maplestory project gorgon dungeons and dragons online phantasy star online 2 new genesis PSO2 BDO vindictus riders of icarus tower of fantasy allods online warhammer online AION embers adrift the secret world TROVE DCUO conquerors blade gloria victis final fantasy XIV final fantasy 11 bless unleashed adventure quest 3d AQ3D metin 2 swords of legends online SOLO skyforge undecember diablo immortal league of angels

Intro 0:00
Community Voted Tier List 1:48
Peon Personal Tier List 12:50

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MMORPG Tier List 2023


  1. It's so sad that in 2023, we're looking at pretty much the exact same tier list from 2018, with only the addition of about 4 games, all of which deserve to be C tier or lower, and still no MMOs deserving S tier.

    But now we have Unreal 5.2… which is giving big developers the tools they need to actually create amazing MMORPGs in a matter of months rather than years. And the only reason if will take them years to create a good MMORPG with Unreal 5.2, is if they're completely fucking it up.

  2. For some reason there has been some hate campaign against Vindictus recently. And they mention the game has too much boba (?), so I can guess which side they came from.

  3. I think their are not S tier MMO and propably never be one because actually you can't be the best at All for , fast and slow player , story or pvp or raid content etc and you cant make all your playerbase happy .

  4. Honestly, considering they are live service games, I can get why the distribution skewed toward the F tier.

  5. surprised to see rs3 at B tier i’ve played it for years i never hear anything about it i love it id say a-b tier is accurate i need to play some more games then haha

  6. funny that ppl playing the big ones felt bad for not being S tier while I felt super happy for my swtor 😀

  7. best mmo rpg not here…
    literally rotmg, one of the best mmos to ever exist

  8. Mobile rpg games a lot of them I feel like are p2w remember when games around 2000 use to be fun but this day in age everyone wants money which ruins it for everyone it would be nice to see the mmorpg community make there own game who are passionate about rpg and nut hungry money brabing corporations make a game it would have to be 100x better …….. Maybe

  9. Oh my lovely Skyforge xD to be honest isnt a surprise the F tier xD btw if any1 have any question about the game feel free to ask me 😀

  10. when I saw the community voted EVE online to be B rather than F then I Knew their opinions are not professional and that their opinions don't matter.

  11. Agree with lost Ark, I actually borderline this as S tier, only just started playing it, but already love it. Played New World till level 60, then thought Meh, don’t like the mission process, go here fetch that, come back, oh forgot I needed this so have to go back. I hate that, least Lost Ark you get everything you need before setting off, understand the monetisation in the game is off putting, and some element of P2W, but it’s a free game and it’s gorgeous. S tier for me, looking forward to checking out Pax Dei whenever that releases!

  12. lineage 2 im still playing this 20 years old game and the pvp is the best !!!

  13. I only play on mobile and believe torchlight needs to be on this list and as high as A or B tier 😁

  14. I guess I try final fantasy BDO was great I was super lucky in that game and got pen or top gear super early and continued that. Now done with that game time to try something else

  15. Omg, the way he speaks. This video's my new "boyfriend simulator" s plus

  16. New world and lost ark being on the same level as wow and ffxiv is just lol

  17. Has no one ever heard of 2Moons? I never see that game ever mentioned

  18. lol u didnt even say anything about trove 🙃🙃🙃

  19. Neverwinter same tier as Guild Wars 1? This is so bs Lmao

  20. metin 2 is a hated game but still we cant let it go. Has still most players of everygame if you count the pvp servers too

  21. FFXIV is such an overrated MMO. I'd personally put it in the B tier — no higher, no lower.

  22. World of Warcraft, that's like grandpa online game.

  23. Im shock that FFXI is being placed in the F tier, it was such an amazing game back in the early 20s

  24. Just want to mention that Archage broke my video card back then on release 😅

  25. Its funny to see some none mmorpg on your list when at my eyes you fogot the MMORPG that has started all of them Everquest 1. Theres so many private server and ever TLP server and Normal one.

  26. another mmo youtuber who never play ragnarok smh

  27. Since GW2 had a lot of votes could you do a is gw2 worth playing in 2023 as a new player?

  28. All this shows is how old the people who watch your videos are and which country they come from

  29. Shoutout to City of Heroes for a crazy private server drama saga and living under threat of C&D. Honestly I'd rather play that then DCUO.

  30. Who vote final fantasy xii f tier is sick of tbe head.

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