MMORPG Tier List 2022 -

MMORPG Tier List 2022

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With 2021 drawing to an end I thought it’d be a good idea to wrap up the year with a big MMORPG Tier List, So in this video we’ll be ranking 41 different MMOs from S tier to F tier, Bare in mind the MMOs included on this list are the ones that I generally consider the most relevent although there’s a few I wanted to include just for fun, Apologies if I didn’t include a certain MMO you’re interested in, and the order of this list is based on my own personal preferences

What is your own personal MMORPG tier list or top 10 MMOs of 2021/ 2022? do you think any upcoming MMORPG will make the list in 2022? will New World eventually move up to A tier? let me know in the comments below!

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—MMORPG 2022 Tier List Description—

MMOs featured in this video

A Tier
– Black Desert Online
– Guild Wars 2
– Albion Online
– Old School Runescape
– WoW Classic
– WoW Retail
– Lost Ark

B Tier
– New World
– Runescape 3

C Tier
– Archeage
– Elyon
– Blade & Soul
– Swords Of Legends Online

D Tier
– Vindictus
– Bless Unleashed
– Lord Of The Rings Online
– Lineage 2
– Neverwinter
– Guild Wars 1
– Secret World Legends
– PSo2 New Genesis

Niche Tier
– Eve Online
– Mortal Online 2
– Gloria Victis
– Warhammer Online
– RaiderZ
– AQ3D
– Trove

F Tier
– Crowfall
– Riders Of Icarus
– Astellia
– Skyforge
– Revelation Online
– League Of Angels

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MMORPG Tier List 2022


  1. Thank you for validating my mmo choices

  2. As a RuneScape player, I do agree the tick system is one of the main points holding our gane back.

  3. If we would have made this list like 15 years ago, I think WoW would have been S-tier. Honestly, the sheer numbers, the cultural impact it had, no other game in the MMO genre achieved such heights either before or since. It's just not S-tier in the current state. For me an S-tier game doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to have a huge positive impact on the industry.
    By today's standards no MMO really deserves an S, we didn't have anything in the genre that matched the impact of old school WoW.

  4. I'm sad Star Trek Online isn't on the list 🙁

  5. Great game list but I just wish you stared from worst to best, not best to worst

  6. Where would you position ffxi in 2005 and ffxi 2022?

  7. Mortal Online 2 is better than given credit for such a small company making it. Very ambitious. One of the best guilds in all mmo's is on it, Odinseed. One of the funniest set of people Ive seen on the internet, especially twitch.

  8. Your A-Tier-list is the biggest bullshit I've seen in a long time. How can you put all those game on the same level? They differ so much.

  9. Long time progression? lol, people will really hate it

  10. I love how you included lord of the rings online! Definitely not a great game in terms of old graphics but I used to play it while I was kid so happy to see in the list as it is often forgotten about

  11. sadly there is just 1 big winner in the mmorpg genre, wow anything else really pales in comparisson and i sa this with a burning blizzard hatred.

  12. can anyone suggest me a clone for perfectworld? the atmosphere and sounds melt my heart but the game is so old and almost dead

  13. Like this video cus albion is the Best pvp loot sandbox out there not the Best graphic but zvz contento need for huges battle without fps droping

  14. Lost Ark is not A tier lol. I'm so disapointed by that game which I was waiting for years. So boring.

  15. Every time I'm looking for new MMOs to play I always feel like I get the same choices over and over again otherwise I'm not in for a good time. I'm itching for something new and original and I've been looking for over 6 years.

  16. I can't take you seriously when you flame graphics of those in C tier yet you don't say a single thing about WoW and Albion
    Pretty based review

  17. Just saying, I actually said out loud "if he is hyped for AoC I'm down for the rest"
    Edit: they're just opinions and you still got a like but putting rs3 in there at b list killed it for me. I respect your right to an opinion but it's a terrible cash grab, osrs is great though. Also did appreciate ESO and OSRS being a list though

  18. Holy shit aq3d made it on the list shit I wouldn't have mentioned it at all tbh

  19. so sad about RS3 My OG Rs account is from RS3 and I have it nearly maxed (cba to continue playing and a new skill came out).
    Honestly the game could've been great if it wasnt for that god awful combat mechanic overhaul. If I wanted a complex combat system, I'd go for another fully fledged MMO. Runescape's charm was its simplicity, and Jagex (being the dumbasses they usually are) striped the charm out of its game, and on top of it implemented Proto-gatcha mechanics, so much so that the RS3 team focuses more on milking their own community dry.

  20. metin2 where is ??? halooooooooooo halooo domine game ??? best metin 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

  21. Nice troll using the Everquest theme song and not rating it!

  22. I know this is the guys opinion but it is a terrible list.

  23. Good stuff. I think ESO will be dropping to B. Lots of bad decisions and bad content updates. Did I miss POE?

  24. I'm still playing BDO three years later and highly recommend it. But you need to know something, the game requires a lot of patience bc is so difficult, reach the high end takes a lot of time(years) and effort.

    In my opinion is the best MMO bc you can do whatever you want into the game, there are many ways to progress, combat system is not easy so PvP requires ability, community is great, game developers update it every week and listen the community, Grinding is complex bc every spot has different mechanics. Can do life professions afk and it's profit. And still there are things of the game I don't know.

  25. I can agree with where swtor was put,but I also would put it with WoW

  26. Lost Ark is the only game that literally made me fall asleep while playing. I can grind and lifeskill in BDO and made millions of gold by gathering and crafting in TERA, but Lost Ark's early game is so boring it immediately feels like a chore.

  27. I'm a simple gamer. I hear Ultima Online launcher song in the intro, I give a like.

  28. So sad that no one knows about Dofus…such a gem, its not perfect but to me it is.

  29. Vindictus isn't mmorpg. Never was.
    Finest example what happenes to game when you don't have marketing team and never advertise your product.
    100 players on server. That's an insult for mmorpg genre

  30. Runescape 3 is underrated. The new content is fantastic

  31. Can't believe BDO is up there in the list with FFXIV. That fkin inconvenience gamblin pile of shit in disguised

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