MMORPG Tier List 2022 -

MMORPG Tier List 2022

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With 2021 drawing to an end I thought it’d be a good idea to wrap up the year with a big MMORPG Tier List, So in this video we’ll be ranking 41 different MMOs from S tier to F tier, Bare in mind the MMOs included on this list are the ones that I generally consider the most relevent although there’s a few I wanted to include just for fun, Apologies if I didn’t include a certain MMO you’re interested in, and the order of this list is based on my own personal preferences

What is your own personal MMORPG tier list or top 10 MMOs of 2021/ 2022? do you think any upcoming MMORPG will make the list in 2022? will New World eventually move up to A tier? let me know in the comments below!

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—MMORPG 2022 Tier List Description—

MMOs featured in this video

A Tier
– Black Desert Online
– Guild Wars 2
– Albion Online
– Old School Runescape
– WoW Classic
– WoW Retail
– Lost Ark

B Tier
– New World
– Runescape 3

C Tier
– Archeage
– Elyon
– Blade & Soul
– Swords Of Legends Online

D Tier
– Vindictus
– Bless Unleashed
– Lord Of The Rings Online
– Lineage 2
– Neverwinter
– Guild Wars 1
– Secret World Legends
– PSo2 New Genesis

Niche Tier
– Eve Online
– Mortal Online 2
– Gloria Victis
– Warhammer Online
– RaiderZ
– AQ3D
– Trove

F Tier
– Crowfall
– Riders Of Icarus
– Astellia
– Skyforge
– Revelation Online
– League Of Angels

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MMORPG Tier List 2022


  1. If wizard101 isn’t up there it’s not a real list

  2. loved the way you explain the games and your own system to put the games in each tie 🙂

  3. Wish there were S tier games in here. Sad

  4. Both eso and lost ark are an F tier for me. No OCE servers in 2022 with some of the most dogshit excuses for it is just fucked.

  5. I like that he said there is no S tyre. I feel the same. I am still waiting for that one MMORPG that will take me away xD …

  6. Well i would say Wow used to be S tier in it's early years.

  7. Noticed EQ1 midi music playing in the background

  8. I Played almost every game here, but only ones I still play is FF14 and sometime I'll jump to Classic WOW. I only really play WoW for nostalgia, but can you really blame me

  9. Final Fantasy XIV — #1 WORLD's MOST POPULAR MMORPG.

    Play the entire A Realm Reborn and Heavensward Expansions.

    FREE with NO Restrictions on playtime.

  10. Putting Lotro in D-Tier but New World in B-Tier … u should uninstall your PC bro ! D:

  11. Well you forgot Diablo Immortal. 😂

  12. Neverwinter was a pretty good game when I played it. The campaigns were interesting, the coop pve missions were good and these mini-bosses out in the world were super fun to fight because there was usually tons of ppl fighting them. Lots of transmutation of gear (being able to paint it to your own colors) the social emotes and the world checkpoints where everyone met were fun. The economy wasn't bad either. However it became very very difficult to play in the newer campaigns and the grind got worse.

  13. guild wars 1 could have at least get c or b tier. it might not be the most played mmos anymore but it is by far for its age one of the best and u can completely play it in solo aswell.

  14. Mabinogi was the king of MMO. It had everything you ever wanted in an MMO. And a unique combat system that no other mmo ive ever encounter had. It should be in the GOD tier.

  15. Ok.hear me out how the flying fucks is waw not S tier lol

  16. “Fortnite mobile not included”


  18. EVE is, easily, a B Tier, potentially A Tier.

  19. Evequest theme in the background brings back so many memories

  20. I'm surprised you've never heard of Dofus or Wakfu

  21. imho, the s tier mmorpg for me was the classic ragnarok online, though it was shutdown long ago. it is subscription based mmo with no item mall that u can buy items, so not pay to win

  22. Oh god. The Everquest music. Hits me hard.

  23. Osrs pretty much checked all the s tier boxes I think

  24. i play alot of mmo and the only one i like is aion sadly noneone play that game anymore too much pay to win elements and slow progress over time

  25. shit list trove shouldn't even be there it's been scientifically proven that it's not even a game it's a level of being

  26. sorry but black dessert is a dead game having played it and is very bland seeing it above LOTRO and swtor is wrong sorry

  27. I know it's your opinion but… tera will never be on top of gw2,

    gw2 should be in tier A.

  28. Lost Ark's biggest offense is it's repetitive game play and boring af gear. Guess that's what I get for coming from PoE.

  29. no one ever talks about TIBIA that game is an OG

  30. surprised runescape is since its the oldest game on her by quite a bit. I hate runescape, only played in for 15000ish hours over probably 17ish years. 10/10 would do again

  31. Thanks for the video bro.
    Do you know or anybody in here know what mmo is in the background of the south Korean serie named "inspector koo" in the first episode??? It's in Netflix

  32. I liked that lineage 2 Dion music theme from background, good days.

  33. Peon you put L2 in D category, completely bias, disgraced and disrespectful bro, a whole generation grew with L2 and millions still play in old school thousands of servers except the official who has alone 5 million monthly users lol.

  34. Bdo is the bottom of the barrel and you know it

  35. I’m actually going waaaaay back and trying the first Everquest… Project 1999 specifically. I know you didn’t include EQ on this list (though you did have music from it in the background). But, if you did, where would it go? My guess, based on how you did this list, is probably C or D tier due to its age and diminished player base.

  36. New World in b tier lol, sorry instant dislike bruh.

  37. Kind of a non-relevant title right now (but one I really enjoy,) is tree of savior. It’s got a pretty in depth class/skill system, and players can engage in more than just combat roles by building merchant classes. (Blacksmiths, enchanters, alchemists, paid blessing clerics, etc.) it’s been a fun play for a while, if a little niche.

  38. Prediction for next year: New World moves up to A Tier – Lost Ark moves into the top 4 (That game has some crazy new content coming) and We'll see CorePunk release hopefully ending up somewhere in high B to low A tier, can't think of any other big MMO releases coming next year of the top of my head, hopefully something new surprises us, In the future I'll do tier lists in a less linear way to keep the vid more interesting

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