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[LinuxPlaying] Tera Online // Wine

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Playing windows games on Linux using Wine:
Tera Online

Tera online is a free to play fantasy mmorpg.
This video features Character creation and gameplay under Linux.

–===== READ THIS FIRST =====–
As of wine version 1.7.7, this game is now working out-of-the-box, without any patches needed.
As a result, go and install latest development version of wine :

Getting this game working with wine version prior to 1.7.7 in Linux was pretty hard, but since the 1.7.7 version, the game is now installing and launching without any further configuration
The how to bellow isn’t necessary anymore with newer wine version, but I’ll keep it as a record :

To get this game working on linux, you’ll have to patch and build your own wine from git.
For users that don’t wanna bother with compilation, you should give PlayOnLinux a try (as some users reported it to work quite well), scroll down to Extra Link “c” for further informations.

( If the launcher says something like “Unable to connect to login server” : Close it, and reopen it until it works )

~~Quick How to~~
1. Get wine source code from git:
git clone git://source.winehq.org/git/wine.git ~/wine-git
2. Edit the file dlls/user32/winstation.c :
Search the OpenInputDesktop function, and edit it:

HDESK WINAPI OpenInputDesktop( DWORD flags, BOOL inherit, ACCESS_MASK access )
return CreateDesktopA(“Desktop”, 0, 0, flags, access, 0);
3. Compile wine (You will need proper toolchain and dependencies)
4. Install xmllite using winetricks
winetricks xmllite

~~Performance tweaks~~
-Closing the launcher after the game is launch will greatly increase framerate (as the launcher is hogging up cpu cycles a lot; maybe a bug)
-Check your cpu governor, sometimes, I got lower framerate with the ‘ondemand’ cpu governor over ‘performance’ one

For people interested in making this game works under mac, you can follow the same instructions (But the compilation part will be hard, as it requires installing gcc and all wine’s dependencies; theres probably some how to’s on the internet)
Or you can give PlayOnMac a try (scroll down to Extra links “c”)

~~Extra Links~~
a. Tera Online’s entry on wineappdb

b. Getting and compiling wine from source

c. Using PlayOnLinux, or PlayOnMac

OS : Archlinux rolling release ( )
Wine : 1.5.23 ( )
Capture :GLC 0.5.8-4 ( )


  1. are the fps this low and laggy or is it just ur pc?

  2. man have you skype?i need help..i have mac osx mavericks tera not warking

  3. I've played the game from lvl 1 to 23. For the moment, no bug or crash. The launcher sometimes is unable to connect : restart the launcher untill it works. And the framerate is really low (so, I've not tested any dungeon for the moment). I've updated the descriptions, with how to, and performances tweaks.

  4. Done this video on my laptop, Core i5 430M (quad core cpu @ 2.27Ghz), Nvidia gts 360M. I usually got something around 12 fps. (18fps in some area)

  5. Strange, usually, the xmllite installer will hang out just at the end of the install process (you can read "xmllite's interactive installer will hang at the end, but otherwise work." comment in winetricks) Other than that, the install should run fine. Can you check in your '~/.cache/winetricks/xmllite/' folder, there should be your installer for xmllite.

  6. If only they fixed the UI bug with scaleform…

  7. I played to Tera with "playonlinux" but it didn't work. Nothing happened when I press the play bouton.

  8. I am not used to playonlinux; but I rode somewhere that it was working with a version named 1.5.2-OpenInputDesktop. You may search on the playonlinux forums. If I recall, Tera's disscussion was in 'Applications Test'

  9. How about making the settings lower and go for more performance?

  10. If you switch to fullscreen windowed mode, you will get a much better fps rate.
    I sometimes have up to 30 fps on my system.

  11. Lowering the settings down only gave me a 1-2fps boost. I've also tried the game using lower resolution (even 640×480) I didn't get any framerate improvement either.

  12. Actually I am using the fullscreen window mode; I gave fullscreen mode and window mode a try, but the framerate is equally the same. What are your system spec and wine version ?

  13. The video have been recorded on my laptop : Quad core I5 M430 @ 2.27Ghz, 4Gb, Nvidia GTS 360M. I usually get around 12-18fps with ui on (22~ when ui off). Strangelly, on my computer with FX-8150 @ 3.4Ghz, 8Gb and GTX 280 I am getting a much more slower framerate (5-8 fps… and 15-16 with ui off). Even by setting gfx to lowest settings I don't get any framerate improvement.

  14. could you help me please? im trying to run TERA online usin playonmac, i managed to install, update and log in, but i get this error when i try to play, i added the line in the regedit, but it still throw this error, what can i do?

  15. Would the same steps work with a macbook pro? Or do you know how to run tera on a mac?

  16. Yes, compiling and patching wine on a mac should work (but you'll need to be confortable in using the terminal, and it requires to install all the dependencies to be able to build wine's binary). Otherwise, you can give PlayOnMac a try (See link "c" in the 'Extra Links' part of the video description)

  17. right now playonmac is having a problem with this game where the tera launcher says "this game cannot be played on a virtual machine" then doesnt run, and all I know how to do on terminal is cd, so I would probably break something if I tried this right now, going to try and read up in wine hq to figure out what I'm doing

  18. What is openinputdesktop? I've been looking through google and I'm even more confused now.

  19. i have it on mac but i cant play it because its says there is an error 8001:0001 and it cant connect to the servers does anyone know a fix

  20. I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and i cant play TERA online i need it so much love this game . Please help me.

    Thank you GiZ0

  21. Si funciona te debo gratitud eterna, me decepcione al pensar desinstalar ubuntu para jugar este juego con mi amigo
    I don't speak english so i just want to say thanks if it's works i will coment again

  22. No hablo mucho espanol tampoco. Este juego funciona (aunque no es muy facil instalar en ubuntu), pero me parece que el "framerate" era bajo (he visto 12 – 14 fps a menudo)

  23. Hi!, Do you know if the game runs after the recent patches?
    I've got Mint 15 x64 and i downloaded my wine compiled version from:

    After click in "PLAY" button i received this error:
    TERA Error Log
    Error: 0111:0003
    Sorry, our servers aren't avaible right now.
    Please check Server Status for the latest server information.

  24. I'll be home in a couple of days. I'll check that and give a feedback soonish.

  25. I have followed every instruction for the installation in the mac process everything has been downloaded completed and i'm at the TERA launcher but I didn't see any login screen. What do I have to do now?

  26. Hi, I can confirm the game is still playable for me. Have you been able to install xmllite using winetricks ?

  27. Hi, do you got a black window with a 'retry' button ? Most of the time (make it 9 out of 10) the launcher isn't able to get the login page. Closing and launching again the launcher untill it shows off seems to work (last time I tryed, I had to launch it 5 times to be able to get the login form)

  28. Okay i've got the login screen now but this time when I click on the play button it stays on the launcher screen what now?

  29. Of course, i've installed xmllite. Thanks for answer me!, but i still without start the game, so i'm waiting support from PlayOnLinux. Meanwhile i have a Win XP partition.

  30. Sorry for the late reply, but I just had the same issue. The way i resolved it was downloading xmllite.dll from the winetricks, then copying the xmllite.dll from system32 to the Tera install directory. For some reason, my version of Tera did not install this. Note that I am using a 32 bit wineprefix. I hear that if you use a 64 bit one then you also need to copy xmllite.dll to the syswow64 folder, too.

  31. Could you please make a video doing these steps? I think that thousands of people would really appreciate.Some of us have no idea what your saying in the discription!

  32. It says my operating system failed. Im using ubuntu. im just not sure how to get it working.

  33. With the newest Wine version and Ubuntu 14.04 this runs without any additional Tweaks. I installed using PlayOnLinux, changed the Wine it should use to the latest 1.7 [i think it was] and worked OOTB. Some performance decrease compared to running it in Windows on my PC but that's not surprising since it's Wine.

  34. Patcher work well on wine but,once everything is install it crash and ask for the credantial, any help? i'm on ubuntu 14.04

  35. Don't forget, As of wine version 1.7.7 : This game is now working out-of-the-box, without any patches needed. During the installation/patching process of the game; Tera's Launcher can crash sometimes : launch it again untill the game is fully installed/patched.

  36. Could you make a tutorial for how to install this game on a mac please?

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